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Putin encouraged the journalists MIA "Russia today"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the order about encouragement of the journalists MIA "Russia today", as well as employees of the broadcasting company "Mir" for merits in development of communications and mass media, the relevant document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

"For merits in development of communications and media, long-term dobrosovestno work to award an honorary diploma of the President of the Russian Federation Filippov Alexey Evgenyevich - the special photographer ... Federal state unitary enterprise "International information Agency "Russia Today," Moscow city", - stated in the order.

MIA "Russia today" gave the Embassy data, a photographer in Minsk

The mission of the MIA "Russia today" in Minsk handed over to the Russian Embassy information about the photographer Ilya Pitalev that on Monday evening, stopped communicating.

It is assumed that in the case of detention Pitalev information about it in the respective lists will not appear before Tuesday morning.

Projects MIA "Russia today" received the Best Eco Awards

Two projects MIA "Russia today" awarded the Eco Award Best in 2020. The website Arctic.ru won in the nomination "the Best international project in the field of ecology," and AR-reconstruction "Inside the elements. How forest fires" took first place in the category "Best educational project in the field of ecology".

special project MIA "Russia today", dedicated to the Russian presence in the Arctic. Natural resources and infrastructure of the Northern sea route, economy, international cooperation and Arctic ecology, the preservation of culture of indigenous peoples of the North, tourism and leisure in the Arctic region about this and not just read on Arctic.ru.

Crimean doctor told how he saved the employee MIA "Russia today"

Head of the neurology Department of the Republican clinical hospital. N. And.Semashko in the Crimea Natalia Matejova told how diagnosis helped save from the wheelchair of one of the employees of the MIA "Russia today".

According to her, the spring in the institution brought a man who is paralyzed in both legs. A preliminary diagnosis of meningoencephalitis.

Propaganda vs news: why the Western media is losing its positions

MIA "Russia today" presented the study "Octopus 2.0. Coronavirus in Russia", devoted to the image of our country in the Western (and not only) media. This time the focus of attention of researchers got pandemic, and was covered by top media is not only the "Big seven", but also China, where occurred the first outbreak of the disease.

Replenishment was very fortunate, because statistics according to the Chinese media provided a rather unexpected background for broadcast by Western media of picture of the world.

UNESCO commented on the situation with Sputnik Estonia

UNESCO in response to the appeal of the MIA "Russia today" on the situation around Sputnik Estonia stated that it will continue to support the rights of the press to receive and share information and different ideas.

In January MIA "Russia today" sent a statement on the situation around Estonia Sputnik International Federation of journalists (IFJ), UNESCO and the "Reporters without borders" (RSF). In the text of the letters signed by the Executive Director of MIA "Russia today", eks-the head of RIA news Ukraine Kirill Wyszynski stated that MIA "Russia today" by directing your request asking for a review of discriminatory policy against Sputnik Estonia and are ready to offer a proper assessment of this unprecedented violation of liberty, and asks to take measures to ensure the rights of reporters to fulfill their professional duty.

Simonyan said about the preparation of lawsuits over attacks on journalists in the United States

Chief editor MIA "Russia today" Margarita Simonyan said that consults with lawyers about filing lawsuits in American police officers who attacked the journalists of the Agency in Minneapolis and Washington.

Police sprayed pepper gas in the face of the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Mikhail Turgiev on Sunday when he was covering the riots in Minneapolis, and on Monday at the White house in Washington fired rubber bullets at producer Sputnik Nicole Russel — in both cases the police acted deliberately, despite the fact that both were clearly presented by the journalists.

Kiselyov: a police officer shot and killed the producer of Sputnik in the United States

A policeman, injured on Tuesday in Washington a producer Sputnik Nicole Russell, who was covering protests at the White house, shot her to kill, told RIA Novosti the General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry Kiselev, called to investigate each case of lawlessness on the part of the American authorities against the representatives of the press.

"Producer Sputnik Nicole Russell told how it was with her: police sighting shot in her defeat, after she showed him the press card and shouted that she was press, after it, removing the riots at the White house, fell and got up. Still shot. Even the rule "lying is not beaten" is not valid for the American police. Of course, he will remain unpunished, and again fired at the journalist. We were lucky that Nicole is alive, a rubber bullet to defeat close range and can kill," – said Kiselev.

Russia protested the US because of the incident with the journalist of RIA Novosti

The Russian Embassy in Washington sent the state Department a note of protest because of the incident with the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the Agency said the head of the Embassy Anatoly Antonov.

The diplomat noted that the Russian journalist who was with him, other employees of American media was subjected to unacceptable treatment by the local police.

MIA "Russia today" demands investigation of incident with a journalist in the United States

MIA "Russia today" demands from US authorities investigate the actions of the police using tear gas against the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Last night in Minneapolis, the police deliberately fired tear gas against the correspondent of RIA Novosti in USA Michael Turgiev, despite the fact that he showed them the certificate of the press representative.