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Poland turned his torturers into heroes

Lately in Poland was very fond of various anniversary. Last year was widely celebrated the anniversaries of the massacre of Polish soldiers in Katyn and the Warsaw uprising. This year, despite the quarantine, and a severe political crisis in the country, planned its celebrations for the centenary of the "miracle on the Vistula". That Poland was the initiator of almost all okoloistoricheskoy resolutions of the European Parliament and PACE on the subject of responsibility for world war II. That Poland built the interpretation of history in state policy, creating the Institute of national remembrance and giving him actually to punish.

Fighters, anti-Communists tends to be as noble patriots, a kind of "warriors of light", who selflessly fought against the "occupation" who died in an unequal battle for an independent Poland. But here are some of the anniversaries related to the "exploits" of these warriors, Warsaw is in no hurry to note, once again demonstrating a very selective memory.