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When shooting in Chicago three-year-old was shot in the head

Three-year-old was wounded in the shooting in Chicago on Wednesday, told reporters the chief detective of the city of Brendan Deenihan.

"Three-year-old was shot in the head. Fortunately, this child is in stable condition and talking," said Denihan. The press conference was broadcast channel FOX32.

The number of wounded in the shooting in Chicago has risen to 15

The number of injured in shooting in Chicago has risen to 15, police reported several suspects, reports CBS News.

According to police, the condition of six injured is critical, the rest feel fine. It is noted that all the victims were adults.

Chicago enters a quarantine for everyone arriving from 15 States with growth COVID-19

Authorities in Chicago decided on a two-week quarantine for arriving in town from the States, where marked increase in cases of infection with coronavirus, said Friday the mayor of the city Lori Lightfoot.

This will affect only 15 States, including Texas, California, Florida, Alabama and others. The order will not affect those who spent less than 24 hours. Quarantined means a finding in one of the prescribed building or housing without access to the outside. Violators face a fine.

In Chicago lifted the curfew

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said that withdrawing curfew imposed amid the unrest.

"The curfew is removed immediately. I know that this time in our city and our country, it was difficult for all of us and I am grateful to our residents for working together to get through this difficult time," the mayor wrote on Twitter.

In Chicago arrested 240 protesters

Law enforcement officials in Chicago arrested 240 people during the protests that erupted after the death of the African-American George Floyd, said the head of the local police David brown.

According to him, the protesters committed acts of looting and vandalism, burning and plundering the buildings of the city.

In Chicago uses the power of the national guard

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said that the city will be involved forces of the National guard, and the previously imposed curfew will continue until further notice.

Earlier, the authorities of a number of major American cities, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta imposed a curfew due to unrest caused by the deaths of African-American George Floyd after detention by the police.