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Russia resumes flights abroad

Russia on Saturday resumes flights abroad after a long break due to pandemic coronavirus. From 1 August you can fly to the UK and Turkey, and in Tanzania, which is also in the list of allowed departure countries, while flight no.

Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus as of March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries with a few exceptions, including export flights from abroad. During this period, air travel has dropped significantly — especially international. For example, in June, on international routes were transported 40,3 thousand people or 0.7% from last year.

Trafalgar square was decorated with whipped cream with a drone and fly

Whipped cream, decorated with cherry, the fly and the drone are the next sculpture, which took pride of place on the "fourth plinth" in London's Trafalgar square.

The work, entitled "the End" by the British poetess Heather Phillipson was conceived as a "monument to hubris and the coming collapse."

The court in London for extradition Tinkov in the US was moved to September

Technical meeting of the Westminster magistrates court in London on charges of extradition to the US of Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov, scheduled for July 31, were postponed for 25 September, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the court.

"The judge adjourned the case until September 25," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Tom Holland confirmed his romance with actress Nadia Parkes

British actor Tom Holland, who received famous after the role of spider-Man in Marvel blockbusters, confirmed in instagram, the affair with Nadia Parkes, posting a photo with her, reports the Daily Mail.

And although in the pictures the girl's face hidden by a mask, according to the newspaper, the photo shows exactly Nadia Parkes, an actress from a sci-Fi series "Doctor Who" and the mini-series "Spanish Princess".

In London after a four-month break, opened the Tate Modern

. The Tate Modern opened in London after a four-month break, reports the Londonist.

The most-visited Museum of London (along with the British) can now come only in advance by purchasing a ticket online. Visitors are required to be masked and go strictly defined route.

The main hearings on the case Assange will be in full-time mode

Hearings on the extradition case in the United States of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, scheduled for early September, will be in full-time mode, the defendant must be present in the courtroom, said the judge of the magistrates court in Westminster Vanessa Baraitser.

On Monday held another administrative hearing on the case Assange. The interests of the defendant were represented by attorneys Edward Fitzgerald and mark summers. The meeting started without the presence of Assange, however, the judge demanded that the defendant watched the hearings via video link and adjourned in order that the officers could provide video session with the court. Assange joined the hearing from a special room from Belmarsh prison: he looked tired, stooping once sneezed. He was wearing a beige sweater and pink shirt, Assange was without a mask.

The lawyer believes that it is possible Assange extradition unjust

Alleged surveillance of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which was conducted by the Spanish firm Undercover Global (Global UC) initially makes it unlawful for his possible extradition to the US, said the coordinator of protection of founder Wikileaks, former judge Baltasar Garzon.

On Monday, a group of lawyers of Assange, and a former Consul of Ecuador in London give the National court of Spain testimony on alleged espionage in the Embassy of Ecuador in the British capital. In addition to Garson's testimony in this case should give Fidel narváez, former Consul of Ecuador in London, the lawyer and the bride Assange, the mother of his two children, Stella Morris, who arrived to court, and lawyers Gareth Peirce (Gareth Peirce) and Jennifer Robinson, which the judge will interview via video link, reported RIA Novosti a source close to Garson.

Russia from August 1 to restore international flights

Russia from August 1, will resume its international flights, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"We were guided by the epidemiological situation, the incidence and principles of reciprocity," he said.

It was found that tourists buying tickets to Turkey, Tanzania and Britain

After the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin said that Russia from August 1 to resume international flights, interest in tickets abroad has increased dramatically, according to Aviasales.

While travelers will be able to fly from Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don to Turkey, the UK and Tanzania.

Golikova called the countries with which Russia will resume flights

Russia from August 1, will resume flights from the UK, Turkey and Tanzania, said the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova.

"From 1 August 2020 of the Russian Federation on a reciprocal basis resumes air links with the UK. Just want to say that it is the capital of great Britain is London, and remind him that Britain did not close the border, but for all those who arrive in the UK, according to the requirements of the country, required 14-day quarantine," he said in the TV channel "Russia 24".

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