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The media reported "suspicious cases" of pneumonia in Italy in 2019

Health protection Agency (ATS) of the Italian province of Bergamo identified 110 cases of pneumonia with symptoms of infection of the coronavirus, which occurred in the town of Alzano Lombardo from November to February, reports the news Agency askanews.

A small town appeared in the center of the investigation the local Prosecutor's office in connection with not adopted by the government decision on the introduction of the red "quarantine" zone after a surge of infections Covid-19 in early March. The testimony in this case was given by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, head of the interior Ministry and the Ministry of health.

Lombardy is the only region of Italy where you have to wear masks

Lombardy is the only region of Italy, where the pandemic COVID-19 wearing medical masks in the open air is mandatory for citizens.

The order extends for a further two weeks period of the use of this PPE by all people of this Northern Italian region, signed by its President Attilio Fontana. An exception is made only for people who are active in sports, especially running and race walking in the fresh air.

The number of cases COVID-19 in Italy grew by 518

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 in Italy for the day grew on 518 to 531 234 shows a summary of the civil defence services.

Before the increase in the number of infections amounted to 177 cases that became the lowest indicator since the end of February. The current increase was the highest for the week: 29 may, it was reported 516 infections.

Conte spoke about the decline in the number of cases of coronavirus across Italy

The number of cases infected with coronavirus after a month after the cancellation of the first restrictions is reduced throughout Italy, said the country's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.

"The downward trend in infections is observed in all regions, from Lombardy to Sicily," he said on Wednesday during a special press conference.

The Ambassador reported improvement of the situation with coronavirus in Italy

The spread of COVID-19 in Italy has improved significantly, the Italians were disciplined, said the Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Russia Pasquale Terracciano.

"Italy has generally improved the situation with coronavirus, the epidemic had almost disappeared. Lombardy remains the most affected region, there is still infection there, but overall the situation has greatly improved," - said Terracciano during the online briefing, organized by MIA "Russia today".

Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue to liaise to combat COVID-19

Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue its contacts and exchange of experience in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, said Italian Ambassador in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano.

"In the early days of an emergency situation related to the coronavirus, spontaneous, immediate cooperation exists between the Italian and Russian research institutions," said Terracciano online briefing, organized by MIA "Russia today".