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In London after a four-month break, opened the Tate Modern

. The Tate Modern opened in London after a four-month break, reports the Londonist.

The most-visited Museum of London (along with the British) can now come only in advance by purchasing a ticket online. Visitors are required to be masked and go strictly defined route.

Vandals painted over the signs with the street name: penny lane in Liverpool

Vandals painted over the signs with the street name penny lane (Penny Lane) in Liverpool, linking it with the name of the slave trader James penny, the newspaper reports the Evening Standard, this street became famous thanks to the eponymous song by the Beatles.

It is reported that on Friday morning the four road sign with the name of the street was painted over with black spray paint, and on the wall above one of them also paint was written the word "racist".

The doctor appreciated a British study about a new symptom coronavirus

Physiotherapist, President of the "League for the protection of doctors" Semyon Galperin commented on a study by British scientists announced a new symptom that is associated with coronavirus and diseases of the pancreas.

The specialists of the University of Liverpool have identified a group of patients with COVID-19, which had a General inflammation and a high content of sugar and fat in the bloodstream. Later patients were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.