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In the U.S., the Senator said that the documents show the falsity of the dossier in trump

U.S. Senator, Republican Lindsey Graham, said that declassified documents show the falsity of the incriminating dossier on President Donald trump.

Graham, a close ally of trump recalled in a press release that the dossier was an important document that would justify a court order for surveillance of an American citizen, the then Advisor to the headquarters of the trump Carter page.

Attack from South: the United States decided to oust "Gazprom" from Turkey

Washington is ready to give Ankara "the competitive price of LNG," to weaken its dependence on Russian gas. This was announced by ex-Senator David Vitter at the seminar of the Business Council Turkey — USA "Time for the allies to become allies: Turkish-American supply chain". Together with Veteram America was represented at the summit, Senator Lindsey Graham, author of several anti-Russian bills.

Faced with the prospect of a widespread economic crisis, Turkey has decided to restore the friendship with the United States. Ankara has positioned itself as the alternative to Beijing, the relationship with which Washington gets worse every day.

In Russia appreciated the plan of the U.S. Congress on new sanctions

Politicians and experts commented on the proposal of the American congressional Republicans to impose new sanctions against Russia.

They consider the attempts to accuse Moscow of aiding terrorism are laughable, and their purpose is to divert attention from the unrest in the United States.

Republicans have proposed to tighten sanctions against Russia

The working group of the largest enterprises within the Republican faction in the house of representatives was published by the report, which recommends tougher sanctions against Russia.

The report prepared by the working group of the Republican study Committee — the Association consisting of about 150 members of the house of representatives.