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Gamer showed how playing Minecraft with a synth

Gamer and run Jachael123 published on YouTube a series of videos, which shows how to pass missions, including a Survival mode (Survival) in the game Minecraft. In this, he just uses the synth, reports ScreenRant.

According to the publication, blogger reprogrammed the keys on the keyboard of a musical instrument so that they correspond to the combinations on the computer when he runs the game.

In Moscow estimated the number of trips on city bikes for June

Renting city bikes in Moscow in June benefited nearly 1.3 million times, according to the website of the mayor of the capital.

Bicycle rental in Moscow after the easing of restrictions on the background of the coronavirus became available from 1 June.

Playing the synthesizer parrot surprised users

. YouTube has published a video in which Jaco (gray parrot) performed on synthesizer popular song "Happy birthday to you", which surprised many viewers.

The early bird named Jenny speaks the song title, for which she regales the landlady, and begins to play. Beak parrot can click on the keys that illuminate in red.

Celebrities celebrated father's Day

. Many celebrities around the world celebrated father's Day by making posts on instagram.

So, David Beckham has put his children's black and white photo with father and wrote: "Thank you for the drive that you gave me, and the work ethic that leads to success".

In India found a trace of the white Walker from the TV series "Game of thrones"

Employee of the forest service of India Susanta Nanda scared users by posting on Twitter a strange photograph of someone's "leg", reports India Today.

Users are offered different versions: the paw of a gorilla, a bear or even a Yeti. Some have compared the white walkers — the representatives of the nonhuman races of the fantasy series "Game of thrones".

Bakers told what desserts are safe to order in restaurants

Chefs and bakers are told what dessert should I order at the restaurant, and what should be abandoned, according to Insider.

Pastry chef Joe scrivner believes that cheaper and better just to indulge in a chocolate mousse as it is unlikely to make.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary complement the definition of the word "racism"

. The compilers of the Merriam-Webster agreed to the proposal of a graduate of the University of Missouri to amend the definition of "racism", reports the Independent.

Kennedy Mitchum, recently graduated from Drake University, explained to the editors why said the current dictionary entry is incomplete and suggested adding the idea of oppression.

"Soyuzmultfilm" opens its network multimedia parks

Film Studio "Soyuzmultfilm" plans to open its own network of media parks, the first Park of this type will appear in September at the exhibition center, reported on Wednesday to journalists by the Chairman of the Board of the Studio Yuliana Slascheva.

"We plan to create a network of parks and are in the final stages of developing its concept. The first indoor pavilion "Soyuzmultfilm" will open in September at the exhibition center, and it will be unusual for our market multimedia format, where the visitor can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of classic and new cartoons" - she said on radio "Echo of Moscow".

The fashion house of Channel launched their first collection in a pandemic

. Fashion house Channel presented virtual social networks in his first collection since the introduction of restrictions because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports France Info.

Quarantined all fashion shows have been cancelled. As a result, the parade of cruise collection Channel "a Walk in the Mediterranean" was held today online. It was supposed to go 7 may in Capri.

Billy Ailes talked about the relationship with young people

American singer Billy Ailes in an interview with British GQ told about the relationship with young people, and also again raised the issue of self-acceptance and once again explained why she prefers to wear loose clothing.

Problems in his personal life, although the owner of five awards "Grammy" only 18 years old, is another explanation of why she prefers to wear baggy shirts, pants and suits (formerly Ailes explained that he chose this style, as are unable to put up with the trolling in the Network after one day, published their photos in a swimsuit and t-shirt.– Approx.ed.).

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