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Four countries have adopted the EU recommendations on lifting restrictions on the borders

Associated with the Schengen area Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland acceded to the recommendations adopted by the Council of the EU, the gradual removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union from 1 July, said the Council.

The Council on Tuesday agreed on the recommendation regarding the progressive removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union, adopting the list of countries in which borders can start to open from 1 July. It did not include, for example, Russia and the United States.

Identified as the European country with the cheapest electricity

Residents of Liechtenstein in Europe can buy electricity at their average salaries, least of all the people of Moldova, and between them a marked tenfold difference, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

The basis of the ranking of European countries on the availability of electricity for the population is the number of kilowatt-hours that could be purchased on the average wage of the inhabitants of the various countries in late 2019–early 2020. Russia is located in the middle.

The European Commission urged the EU to be ready to return quarantine

The number of infections with the novel coronavirus in the EU continues to fall, however, you must remain alert, said the European Commissioner for health Stella Kyriakides at a press conference.

"The number of infections COVID-19 in the European Union continues to decline. Recent estimates of the European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC) showed us that on June 9, a 14-day incidence in the whole EU (including the UK and the European economic area, in addition to the EU include Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – ed.) was reduced by 80% compared to the peak, which was April 9," she said.

In Austria start to work hotels

A hotel company Austria on Friday, 29 may, will be able to resume work after a temporary closure due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Austria from April 14, beginning to ease the restrictive measures because of coronavirus in increments of two weeks. The next stage - may 29, when the hotels are allowed to open fitness centres and other sports clubs, as well as host events with up to 100 people.