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In British, the Cathedral was "the last supper" with the black Christ

Picture of black Jesus Christ, a variation on the theme of the famous frescoes Leonardo da Vinci's last supper, received the same name, appeared on the altar of Saint Albany Cathedral in the British County of Hertfordshire as a sign of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement ("black Lives matter"), reports the Daily Mail.

Earlier, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby urged the Church of England to revise the image of Christ as the white man.

Saudi Arabia will build a Museum for "Savior of the world"

. Saudi Arabia plans to build a special Museum, which will be exhibited the work of Leonardo da Vinci's "the Savior of the world," according to Middle East Monitor, citing information from the Wall Street Journal.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of culture of the country Hamid bin Mohammed Fayez. This famous painting was acquired at auction Christie's in 2017, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman for $ 450 million.