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The court in Singapore fined the nephew of the Prime Minister for contempt of court

The court in Singapore fined the nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Moon more than 10 thousand dollars for publishing it in Facebook with criticism against the government of the country and its judicial system, the newspaper Straits Times.

According to the newspaper, the nephew of the Prime Minister Li Shen wrote in his publication in July of 2017 that the Singapore government is "very controversial and has a malleable judicial system."

Elections to the Parliament of Singapore on 10 July

The President of Singapore halimah Yacob announced the holding of early General elections in the country's Parliament on 10 July, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Facebook.

The decree on the date of the vote followed after the dissolution of Parliament by the President. Day of nomination of candidates for the new Parliament is scheduled for June 30.

Singapore and the EU warn USA: "don't give us ultimatums"

The meaning of the two stocks at a high level that occurred in the opposite points of the Eurasian continent, is surprisingly the same: don't put us before a choice "or the United States or China" — will communicate with both parties. I want to believe that this position will determine the main axis of international relations in the years ahead.

We are talking about the article Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Moon in the American journal Foreign Affairs last week. And on the outcome of the just concluded tenth round of Sino-European strategic dialogue. In both cases, we're not talking about some formal documents: the dialogue was, for the present time fashion, using video and article — it is an article, a personal opinion of one person.