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The star of "Game of thrones" Sophie Turner became a mother

. The star of "Game of thrones" gave birth to a girl in a hospital in Los Angeles on July 22, according to TMZ.

According to the source, it will call Willa (Willa).

Cirque du Soleil will resume the show until early 2021

CEO of the canadian company Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamar said that the show is unlikely to resume until the beginning of 2021.

Earlier, the group of companies of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group has addressed in court with the aim of obtaining protection from creditors. The company stressed that this measure was taken in response to "tremendous disruption" and forced the closing of the show by the pandemic coronavirus. The Russian representation of Cirque du Soleil has told RIA Novosti that it is derived from this process continues to operate normally and to prepare for the launch of the next tour of Cirque du Soleil in Russia.

Nevada will enter mask mode

The Governor of the state of Nevada Steve Sisolak announced that on Friday, the wearing of masks in public places, including casinos in Las Vegas, will be mandatory for residents and guests of the state in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, said in a message posted on his Twitter.

"I signed the resolution with the new requirement for the residents and visitors of Nevada to wear a mask... while visiting public places. This resolution comes into force on Friday," said Sisolak.

In the casinos of Las Vegas tourists will have to play in masks

In the casinos of Las Vegas tourists will have to play in masks, according to Travel and Leisure.

In Nevada entertainment venues are required to ensure that all who are at the table, were wearing masks, if between players and staff there is no separating barrier, partition or shield.

Three residents of Las Vegas, incited to violence, was charged with

Three men who allegedly inciting violence during protests in Las Vegas, charged with, according to a press release published on the website of the office of the attorney General in Nevada.

Reportedly, each was charged with conspiracy to commit harm with the use of fire and explosives during protests in Las Vegas, and also in possession of an unregistered explosive device, and in particular we are talking about the Molotov cocktail. They were taken into custody.

Became known cause of death 30-year-old actor from "Twilight"

American actor Gregory Tyree Boyce and his girlfriend died of a drug overdose, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

As described in the publication of a coroner's service, the couple were poisoned by cocaine and fentanyl.

Died one of the participants of the protests in Las Vegas

One of the protesters in the us city of Las Vegas, Nevada, died in result of firing by the police after the attempted attack on law enforcement officers during the protests caused by the death of African American George Floyd, said the Sheriff of the local police Joe Lombardo.

Earlier it was reported that the shooting incident involving the police occurred at the Federal courthouse in Las Vegas. According to preliminary data, the employee of city police returned fire at the courthouse, a participant in the riots were injured.

Media: Las Vegas police officer was shot in the head during the riots

One of the officers was shot in the head in the American city of Las Vegas during the protests caused by the death of African American George Floyd after detention by police, according to TV channel 8News, citing police sources.

It is reported that unknown persons fired at the police at the hotel-Circus Circus casino.