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Ridiculed "pout" Guzeeva retorted podyschite

Larisa Guzeeva, which is the last publication made fun of girls who enhance the lips by using injections and operations, retorted podyschite, which criticized the TV presenter in the comments.

Host of "let's get married!" posted on instagram a picture in which applies to the lips flat peach, reminiscent of the "huge lips" and wrote: "a Woman with a peach". However, not all users laugh joke.

Borodin commented on the rumors about the appearance Guzeeva in the "House-2"

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina said subscribers to the rumors about the likelihood of Larisa Guzeeva on the TV show "Dom-2" as the lead.

Earlier in the Network appeared the information that Guzeeva allegedly agreed to participate in the project "at great expense".

Guzeeva called the worst movie of all times and peoples

The picture of the "Rival" with Larisa Guzeeva in the title role is "the worst film of all times and peoples," says the actress.

She wrote about this in response to podyschite on instagram. The actress posted a photograph of her 30 years. According to Guzeeva, the picture of her captures when she wasn't posing. At the same time, said the actress, pictured her clenched teeth.

Guzeeva retorted to an insult from subscribers will

Actress Larisa Guzeeva Instagram snapped his podyschite, who left an offensive comment.

The TV presenter posted a picture with her friends during the filming of the show "To the country!".

Guzeeva called criticizing her for her lack of mask "idiots"

Actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva retorted followers who criticised her for appearing in public without masks.

Guzeeva has said it will block such people in a social network. In her opinion, they are "before the burning hat."