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Scientists have found the cause of global glaciation

Global ice ages in Earth's history occurred when the level of solar radiation is sharply changed in a short period by geological standards the period of time, American scientists have found. Their work was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

In Earth's history was at least two periods of the Paleoproterozoic 2.4 to 2.1 billion years ago during the Neoproterozoic 850-630 million years ago, when the whole surface of the planet was covered with ice. With the end of the second period of time is associated sudden flowering of complex multicellular life on Earth. Therefore, not only geologists and planetary scientists studying exoplanets lying within the habitable zones, looking for the causes that can trigger a global glaciation.

In Germany, spoke about the largest over the 18 years of the invasion eared jellyfish

The reasons for the sensational invasion eared jellyfish, also known as eared Aurelia, in the Western part of the Baltic sea this year are connected with the sea currents and weather, said to RIA Novosti, the German biologist, specialist of the research center for ocean Helmholtz "GEOMAR" in Kiel and the technical University in Copenhagen Cornelia Jaspers.

"It varies from year to year. Last year Aurelius, for example, was not enough, this year a lot of them. It depends primarily on ocean currents, weather conditions and wind, as jellyfish can't swim against the current. But we have seen that in some years the number of jellyfish is very high. For example, in the Western part of the Baltic sea, from Flensburg to Kiel and lübeck it was recorded in 1982, 2002 and now," - said the expert.

In Japan has developed a plastic bags decomposing in sea water

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemical announced the development of plastic packages that degrade in seawater, transmits television channel NHK.

The bags are made from a material which includes, in particular, sugar cane. To the touch this package will not differ from the usual plastic.

Scientists have proposed an unusual method of extraction of rare earth metals

Russian scientists from the Siberian Federal University have developed a new type of sorbent for collecting rare metals from ash and volcanic deposits. It is made on the basis of vikramasila from rice husks. The study is published in the journals Analytical Methods and Separation Science and Technology.

Rare earth elements (REE) or rare earth widely used in the manufacture of modern electronics, lasers, SuperMagnets, electric vehicles, superconductors, metallurgy and medicine. In nature the rare earths are found in scattered form in the form of oxides, and this severely complicates their extraction on an industrial scale.

Scientists have noted the uniqueness of the floods occurring in Europe

Scientists have identified nine periods of the greatest intensity of river floods in Europe over the past 500 years. One of them includes the last three decades, which is different from all previous periods of flooding. The study is published in the journal Nature.

Over the past decade, floods in Europe brought large economic losses. They are becoming more frequent and widespread. Scientists geographers from different countries joined forces to find out what distinguishes the current situation from other periods, rich in floods in the past.

The media reported the first leak of methane from the seabed of the Antarctic

Scientists reported the discovery of the first active methane leaks from the seabed of the Antarctic, reports the Guardian newspaper.

According to her, scientists also found that the microbes that eat methane before it goes into the atmosphere, appeared on the location of the release of gas only five years after its discovery.

In the Stavropol region has experienced the installation and call for rain by heating the clouds

The first tests of the experimental setup, heating the clouds to drop rain, have passed in the Stavropol region, reports the North-Caucasian Federal University.

"The use of special reagents for invoking artificial rain is expensive, so in the Stavropol region and in other regions at present, this method is not applicable on an ongoing basis. Alternatively the possibility of promoting the growth of clouds by ground-based powerful heat sources. The latter creates a thermal jet, which acts directly on existing clouds," reports the University.

The scientists assessed the risk of extinction of polar bears because of global warming

Scientists found out that by 2100 most subpopulations of polar bears in the Arctic are under threat of extinction due to reduction of sea ice caused by global warming. The study is published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Polar bears Ursus maritimus species use sea ice to hunt with him on seals. In the summer, during the melting of coastal ice animals move on land where they have virtually no food and are funded by accumulated fat. Since the warm season in the Arctic lengthened, and the area of sea ice decreases in response to warming, polar bears each year have to be on the mainland more and more time

Scientists discovered Venus has active volcanoes

American and Swiss scientists have proved that in the depths of Venus is still active internal processes associated with mixing substances. The study is published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

It is known that the surface of Venus was formed later than Mars or mercury, the inner part of which has long been cold. At a recent internal activity of the planet indicate a ring-shaped structure known as the crown.

Russian schoolchildren have discovered the island on New Earth

Russian schoolchildren have discovered a new island in the Arctic, said Russian geographical society on its website.

Eight members of the project group "Risksat" from Troitsk, Tula, Venev, Dedovsk, Gatchina, St.-Petersburg and Yakutsk made the discovery while processing satellite imagery.

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