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In Yaroslavl, a woman was killed in an accident with three cars

One person was killed and four were injured in the collision of three cars in Yaroslavl, has informed UMVD on the region.

Earlier the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the region told RIA Novosti that in the Dzerzhinsk region of Yaroslavl has faced three cars: "Gazelle", Lada Granta and Nissan. According to preliminary data, injured four people, including minors, she said.

Posted a video of shooting a businessman in Krasnodar

Published video of the shooting in Krasnodar, in which, allegedly killed a businessman. Footage from surveillance cameras says REN TV.

The video shows how unknown comes out of the passenger seat Lada Granta and shoots the owner when he got in the car. An attacker hiding in the domestic passenger car.