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SC opened a case after the crash of light aircraft in the Kursk region

Investigators opened a criminal investigation into the crash of a light aircraft in the Kursk region, reported on the website of the Moscow inter-regional investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation.

According to authorities, on Saturday around 16.00 while performing agricultural work in Pristenskiy district, Kursk region crashed light aircraft. The accident killed the pilot.

In the Kursk region crashed light aircraft

The plane crashed in the Kursk region, the police organized a check, told RIA Novosti in the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor's office.

The plane crashed on Saturday in Pristenskiy the Kursk region when performing agricultural work, the pilot was killed.

Completing the self-nomination at elections in the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies

Saturday - last day for nomination of candidates for the by-election of deputies of the state Duma in single-seat constituencies, it follows from the calendar plan of CEC.

Additional elections of deputies of the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies will be held in a single voting day in Kursk, Yaroslavl and Penza regions, and in Tatarstan.

In the Kursk region has begun to harvest plasma for the treatment of patients with COVID

The blood plasma with antibodies to coronavirus to treat critically ill COVID-19 start to harvest in the Kursk region, said the regional administration on Friday.

According to the chief doctor of the station Alexei Kovalev, doctors spend a total testing donors for the presence of antibodies G-Covid-19. Often patients are not even aware that their blood formed antibodies, they are found in the result of the study, said Kovalev. Three weeks surveyed 850 donors, of which there are about 70 people with antibodies.

The EP put forward candidates for the elections to the state Duma on three districts

"United Russia" has put forward the winners of the preliminary vote Alexey Zolotarev, Andrey Kovalenko and Oleg Morozova on elections to the state Duma which will pass in the uniform voting day, said Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Perminov.

"Thirteenth of September will be elections in four single-mandate constituencies. In three single-mandate constituencies, we held primaries. It is about 28 Nizhnekamsky district, winner - Oleg Morozov. We are talking about the Kursk 110 district, winner - Zolotarev Aleksei Mikhailovich. And we are talking about 194 Jaroslavl single-member district, winner - Kovalenko Andrey Nikolaevich ... All candidates won with a clear advantage," said Perminov at a meeting of the General Council of the party.

The Kursk Governor has deprived of officials of the award for spelling errors

The Governor of Kursk region Roman Starovoit decided to penalize officials for spelling errors.

The head of the region said that he considers unacceptable any mistakes in official correspondence.

In the Kursk region have condemned the perpetrator of the deaths of three people in a fire in the house

The court sentenced him to three years and three months in a colony-settlement is responsible for a fire in a private house in the Kursk region, where the fire killed three children, said Thursday the Prosecutor of the region.

Information about fire in a private one-story brick house in the village of Pristen ' Pristenskiy district arrived to rescuers on the morning of 10 November 2019. According to the information of EMERCOM in the region, the scene of the fire in the dismantling of the building structures were found the bodies of three children, two girls of 2014 and 2015 the birth and the boy of 2016 was born. Two adults – a woman born in 1994 and a man born in 1990 – managed to escape with the child of 2018 was born.

In the Kursk region to 15.00 voted for amendments 53,28% of voters

Voter turnout in the Kursk region to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation at 15.00 Moscow time amounted to 53,28%, informs regional election Committee.

In the Kursk region was 920 404 of the voter, in the region 1131 is open the polling station.

Suspected of treason ex-police officer faces up to 20 years in prison

Arrested on suspicion of treason in favor of Ukraine ex-to the chief of the district police Department in the Kursk region Dmitry Borzenkov faces a term of 12 to 20 years with a fine in the amount up to 500 thousand rubles or the salary or other income for a period up to three years.

As reported by RIA Novosti press Secretary of the Lefortovo court Xenia Pervoklashek, Borzenkov will remain in jail at least until August 18. According to intelligence, Borzenkov "were involved in confidential cooperation is one of the units" of the security Service of Ukraine and "collect and transmit the data making the state secret".

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