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Rosatom will operate the plant for producing plutonium, U-5

The famous pilot plant U-5 in Moscow, which worked out the technologies of plutonium required to create a domestic nuclear weapons will be decommissioned by 2022, the works are scheduled to use new technologies that can be applied in similar projects in the future, according to the portal of the Federal target program on nuclear and radiation safety.

Install the U-5 is located in the North-West of Moscow on the territory of "high-tech research Institute of inorganic materials named after academician Bochvar" (VNIINM, a part of TVEL, a leading scientific center of Rosatom on the development of nuclear fuel cycle technologies and materials science).

The Japanese Collider has set a record luminosity

At electron-positron SuperKEKB Collider in Japan, achieved a record luminosity. The experiments were attended by Russian scientists from the Institute of nuclear physics. G. I. Budker SB RAS and Novosibirsk state University. The results published on the official website of the organization.

The luminosity characterizing the efficiency of collision of the beams, is the number of interactions occurring per unit time. The previous record luminosity is 2.14 x 1034 per square centimeter per second was achieved for a proton-proton Collider LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at the European organization for nuclear research CERN in 2018.

Russia has offered genetically to identify dead soldiers

The government and the Kurchatov Institute, which should provide for the establishment of a national database of genetic information on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, I propose to consider when designing a database the ability to use it to identify soldiers killed in the defense of the Fatherland, said to RIA Novosti state Duma Deputy (United Russia), the representative of "Search movement of Russia," Ildar Bikbaev.

MP is a member of the working group of the state Duma to improve the legislation in the field of perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland. "Search movement of Russia" is engaged in the exhumation of the remains of soldiers killed in defending the Fatherland, burial search of the relatives of the victims to inform about the place of burial and transfer of the insert of the medallion, awards and personal belongings.

Learned how to be stored the genetic data of Russians

Genetic data Russians will be stored in "anonymised", said the President of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk in an interview with "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

"All human genomes in a single database will be depersonalized, the people in it are in some sense "impersonal," said Kovalchuk.

The expert explained why we need a national database of genetic information

National database of genetic information necessary for the timely prevention or successful treatment of disease, said on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the Director of development of medico-genetic center Genotek Artyom Elmuratov.

Earlier to create such a database, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and the Kurchatov Institute.

The scientist said that the goal of creating a database of genetic information

Chief specialist of Saint-Petersburg medical genetics Vladislav Baranov in an interview with "Moscow speaking" suggested, why did Russia create a National database of genetic information.

He said that such made in the United States and virtually in the UK, and we are talking about the sequencing of the genome of all the inhabitants of the country.

Putin instructed to Fund a National database of genetic information

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed from 2021 to annually allocate from the Federal budget funds for the National database of genetic information, stated in a report published on the Kremlin website document.

According to the document, the government, with the participation of the National research centre "Kurchatov Institute" mandated to ensure the establishment and functioning of information-analytical system for the storage and processing of genetic data "national database of genetic information", including the development of formats for storage and transmission of data and related research tools and software.

Golikov joined the Supervisory Board of "Kurchatov Institute"

Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova and the head of Bank VTB Andrey Kostin joined the Supervisory Board of the National research centre "Kurchatov Institute", Russian presidential decree about this was published on Friday on the official portal of legal acts.

The same decree from the Supervisory Council of the Kurchatov Institute removed former Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov and worked previously as the Director of the Department of public service and personnel of the government of the Russian Federation Andrey Soroko.