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In Tennessee voted for the dismantling of the bust of the Confederate General

Commission of the state Capitol of Tennessee on Thursday voted for the dismantling of a bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the building, according to local newspaper the Tennessean.

It is reported that the Commission met at the request of the Governor of the state bill Lee, who offered to postpone the bust of the slave trader and the leader of the "Ku Klux Klan" Forrest from the Capitol to the Museum. According to the newspaper, for the dismantling of the bust voted nine members, two voted against. It is noted that their opposition was expressed by Republican Jack Johnson and Matthew hill. Republican Senator Johnson stated that he voted against because his voice "is the will of the U.S. Senate," in which the majority of the Republicans.

Trump announced last battle for America. Why it won't work

In "America's birthday", July 4, Donald trump had to say some kind of "throne speech" and to congratulate the Americans with their main holiday, but stood in front of him choose to try to take the path of national reconciliation and preservation of some (illusory) political propriety, or to choose the path of maximum political confrontation, which could end the present civil war. The choice that stood before the President of the United States, can be formulated in terms of the recent history of one of the neighboring with Russia, "nedogosudarstva". Trump had to give a public answer to the question: "to Be Yanukovych or not to be?" — the only amendment that the U.S. President has no real estate in Rostov, and to change gilded, pretentious interiors of the Trump Tower in new York city to something else it will hardly be desirable.

The US President has chosen the most aggressive option — and for the past two days the American media vote on that his performance was "dark and separating". So there is — and how it was conceived. By and large, trump told Americans the bitter truth about the divided country that America is in the form in which it is like his constituents could be destroyed and that a new generation of Americans genuinely hated their own country, and it happened because of the American managerial elite that was achieved.

"It is their values, is in the blood". Who misses the days of slavery in America

Family barbecues, Church services and concerts yesterday in the US celebrated the Day of emancipation. Passed a half century, but the racial issue has not disappeared. Especially in the South, where they still hang Confederate flags. To get rid of the legacy of slavery in the United States was much more difficult than expected fighters for the rights of blacks. And the current protests proof. Who and why he misses the "good old tradition", understood to RIA Novosti.

Travis was born in the early 1990s on the West coast in a wealthy family. Expensive cars, prestigious school, the parent credit card, it would seem that he had all dreamed about teenagers. However, upon reaching adulthood, the young man bought a huge pickup truck, stuck a bumper sticker with a Confederate flag and went to Georgia.

The leader of the "Ku Klux Klan" was detained in the US for hitting on the protesters

Authorities Enrico County, Virginia, arrested the leader of a right-wing organization "Ku Klux Klan" for hitting on the protesters, he was charged, informs local edition of the Henrico Citizen.

A man driving a car drove into a group of protesters on Sunday evening, as a result one person was injured. He was assisted at the scene of the incident.