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Chinese blogger admired the "trump card" of the Russian Navy

. A large-scale celebration of Navy Day and the past in many cities of the country marine parades once again reminded the whole world about the great potential of the Russian Navy, wrote a user of the Chinese portal Baijiahao.

According to the blogger, the main asset of the Navy will be a hypersonic strike complexes that have no analogues in the world. He added that this weapon will equip the frigates of project 22350 "Admiral Yumashev" and "Admiral Spiridonov", which the Navy will receive in the years 2025-2026. It is noted that the implementation of hypersonic complexes will greatly enhance the combat capability of the country.

Japanese readers praised the parade in honor of Russian Navy Day

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri published an article about the main naval parade in St. Petersburg, timed to the Navy Day of Russia. The publication caused an active response of readers in the comments.

Many users noted the advancement of Russian technologies in the field of production of modern military equipment.

Putin said that he is interested in the history of the marine parade

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he is interested in the history of the marine parade, in particular, the way it was before the revolution of 1917.

On Sunday Russia celebrated Navy Day.

Putin arrived in Kronstadt

President Vladimir Putin arrived in Kronstadt on the celebration Day of the Navy.

The footage shown in the First channel, you can see how he got on the boat, which will fit to the front ranks of ships in the Gulf.

Putin walked on the boat warships at Kronstadt RAID

President Vladimir Putin has bypassed the boat parade line of warships in the Gulf of Finland and the Kronstadt RAID, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Watch the parade the President will be with the Central podium, where veterans of the Navy, yunarmeytsy and Nakhimov.

Neobychnyh exhibition of icons was opened in the Park "Patriot"

The exhibition "Heavenly patrons of the Army and Navy of Russia" opened on Sunday in the Moscow military-Patriotic Park "Patriot", told RIA Novosti one of the organizers - Director of the charitable Foundation named after Fyodor Ushakov, Igor Nikolaev.

"Last year, in Kronstadt, we made a small exhibition about the saints - the patrons of the army and Navy. The leadership of the Ministry of defence really liked this project. And here is our exhibition opened near the main temple of the Russian armed forces, even in the day of his consecration," - said Nikolaev.

In Kronstadt did not arrest the girls, Garissa food for the Eternal fire

Kronstadt district court dismissed the petition of a consequence about arrest of two local residents, who together with his friend fried sausages at the "Eternal fire" in Kronstadt, said the United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

"The court refused to result in arrest", - stated in the message. Girls are charged under the article "Violation of the tomb construction".