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The head of the IMF appointed a new Director of the European Department

The new Director of the European Department of the IMF, in conducting which includes Russia, was Alfred Kammer, said the report Fund released on Wednesday.

The announcement of the intention to appoint him to the post was announced by the head of the Foundation, Kristalina Georgieva, said there. He works at the IMF since 1992. Kammer participated in programs to support economies during the transition period after the fall of the Berlin wall, and was in Russia as a representative during the 1998 crisis.

The German newspaper warned about the threat of the bankruptcy of Ukraine

Due to the resignation of the head of the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Yakov Smoliy country once again faces bankruptcy, this writes the German business newspaper Handelsblatt.

Smoliy, who served as head of the national Bank from March 2018 Wednesday wrote a letter of resignation, explaining that "systematic political pressure" on the Bank, and filed with the President. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on proposal of President Vladimir Zelensky on Friday fired Smoliy from office.

The IMF said, how many people will be in poverty because of COVID-19

Economic crisis associated with the COVID-19 may lead to the fact that the poverty line will be up to 100 million people worldwide, said in his blog, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva.

"New calculations show that the result (of the crisis COVID-19), 100 million people worldwide could be in extreme poverty that would negate all the progress made in reducing poverty over the last three years," she wrote.

Georgieva said it is the IMF program in support of Ukraine

The new program of the International monetary Fund for support of Ukraine is connected with great risk and uncertainty, as the recovery of the economy after the crisis will need tightening fiscal policy, warned on Tuesday the managing Director of the Fund Kristalina Georgieva.

The Board of governors of the International monetary Fund has approved a new program to support Ukraine in 18 months with a total volume of $ 5 billion, the first tranche will amount to $ 2.1 billion.

Patience has run out: Ukraine does not want to comply with the IMF

In Ukraine, the brewing of another full-scale crisis: members of Parliament oppose the new agreement of Kiev with the International monetary Fund. To plug holes in the budget, we need money, but legislators are troubled by the fact that the conditions imposed by the lender, the country actually goes into administration. Experts are convinced: the Kiev agreement will not refuse, but also to fulfill obligations to the IMF will not.

The twenty-second of may, the IMF reported that a new credit program by five billion dollars with Kiev agreed. A week later, the head of a credit organization Kristalina Georgieva, in conversation with President Vladimir Zelensky promised to provide the first tranche of $ 1.9 billion "in the near future".

The head of the IMF welcomed the adoption of the "anticolonial" the law on Ukraine

The managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva welcomed the adoption by Ukraine of the law on improvement of mechanisms of banking activities, which the Ukrainian media called "anticolonialism", this was discussed during a telephone conversation Georgieva and President Vladimir Zelensky, the press service of the President's office.

Earlier Zelensky has signed the law on amendments to the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada, which had to let unblock the adoption of the bill on the prohibition of the return of nationalized PrivatBank his former owner, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The adoption of this law, which the media called "anticolonialism", insisted the international monetary Fund.