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The inhabitant of Kuban suspected in the murder of a child because of the loud music

Investigators in the Krasnodar region detained a woman accused in the murder of a young boy in 2019, according to the website of the RF IC.

In may 2019 in law enforcement bodies received information about the missing child. It was reported that he left his house in the village Bahovskoj and never returned. A criminal case was initiated under article "murder".

The head of Kuban Kondratyev filed papers for re-election for a new term

The current Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratyev has announced that it has filed krayizbirkom documents for participation in elections on a post of the head of the region.

Elections of the Governor of Kuban is scheduled for September 13, when the country planned a single day of voting. In early June United Russia declared that the Presidium of the General Council of the party has nominated Kondratieff for the nomination for the election of the head of region, regional branch of the party supported it at their conference.

The Kremlin has restricted water supply area due to the heat wave

Water Yeisk district of Krasnodar region is limited to six hours a day to save due to the heat wave, according to the GUP KK "Kubanvodproekt".

In Yeisk district of Kuban was established very hot weather, the authorities have noted an abnormally high temperature. Afternoon air is heated to over 30 degrees and cooled below 25 degrees at night. This was the reason for the deficit of cold water.

German investigators said about working with SK for the crimes of the Nazis

In the Central office for the investigation of crimes of national socialism in the German Ludwigsburg interact with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the framework of legal assistance on matters relating to ongoing investigations, said RIA Novosti in the Department.

Earlier, the head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin in an interview with RIA Novosti said that the queries for the crimes of Nazism were sent to Germany, Canada and other countries, some of the documents received from them and studied in the investigation of relevant criminal cases. Interaction with foreign colleagues organized in the framework of existing mechanisms of legal aid, said Bastrykin.

Bastrykin told about the investigation of Nazi crimes

Investigation of the RF IC of the crimes of the Nazis is based on norms of domestic and international law, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

The available archival data, on the territory of the RSFSR during the occupation, were deliberately exterminated more than 2 million civilians. Not all the facts were investigated, not all persons identified and brought to justice. Thanks to the excavations of search groups and the declassification of archives became aware of the details of the tragic events in the Novgorod region, the Krasnodar territory, the Rostov region, associated with the mass murder of civilians. Last year, the UK opened a criminal case on the destruction of more than 30 thousand Soviet citizens.

The UK will continue to identify the facts of Nazi crimes, said Bastrykin

The RF IC will continue to identify the facts of Nazi crimes, including under article 357 of the criminal code for the genocide, said the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"The investigative Committee will actively continue to identify the facts of criminal actions, based on ideas of racial superiority, Nazism, and give them proper legal assessment, including under article 357 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation", - he said.

The traffic police on the Kuban called the most problematic areas on the roads to the sea

Most downloaded on the way to the coast of the Black sea and Azov sea in the Kuban region are sections of the highway M-4 "don" from the Hot Key, Tuapse, and also the road in the direction of the Crimea from Slavyansk-on-Kuban to the town of Svetlyy put Lenina, told RIA Novosti in the management of traffic police in Kubani.

According to the Agency, after the lifting of the quarantine, a growing number of cars in the Azov-black sea coast. As of 1 July, the incoming flow of cars exceeded 38 thousand per day.

On Kuban has increased the flow entering the area motorists

The number of vehicles entering the territory of the Krasnodar region, especially heading towards the Azov-black sea coast, after the lifting of the quarantine is growing daily, reported RIA Novosti in the STSI in the region.

However, the Department noted that due to the effects of quarantine measures the number of immigrants in the region of vehicles in June of this year, almost 20% less than the same period last year. Inspection asks drivers to be extremely careful not to operate the machine in weary condition, and to comply with the rules of the road.

The inhabitants of the Kuban warned about the 40-degree heat

The hot weather established in the southern regions of Russia this weekend, the air warms to about 40°. About it reports "Kuban 24" with reference to data of the Ministry of emergency situations.

So, in the afternoon on 3 July in the Northern, North-Eastern, and 4 and 5 July in most areas of the Krasnodar territory, except the black sea coast and South-Eastern foothills, is expected strong heat 39 degrees.

Abkhazia might open for the Russians in July

The Abkhaz authorities decided to consider the possibility of opening the tourist season from July 15, the guests are going to demand a certificate of negative test for coronavirus, according to ATOR. https://www.atorus.ru/news/press-centre/new/51925.html

In the region plan to follow closely epigastralgia in the Kuban region, where since June 21 have earned the hotel. According to the calculations of the Abkhaz authorities, on 10 July, it will become clear what impact these concessions are in the situation of morbidity.

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