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In Krasnodar, eliminated the effects of a shower

Municipal service liquidated the consequences of the volley of rain that caused flooding of streets, stopping operation of the electric vehicle in Krasnodar, which had almost monthly norm of precipitation, according to the administration of the regional capital.

On Wednesday in Krasnodar, the volley downpour. The result was the flooded streets, stopped trolleybuses and trams. In Central and South-Western part of the city have been flooded several private houses, where rescuers helped to eliminate flooding. Work on the pumping of water continued during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. So, in one of the houses on the street Garage the water rose almost 20 feet above the floor. Street Country suffered three yards. Pumping water during the night spent on the objects of the streets Oil, Hudyma, Krasin, Suvorov.

In Krasnodar liquidate about 40 flooding after heavy rain

Utilities eliminate about 40 of the flooding on the streets of Krasnodar after a heavy rain, the movement of the electric vehicle is restored, according to the administration of the regional capital.

On Wednesday in Krasnodar, the volley of rain. This resulted in flooding, was suspended the movement of transport. Pumping water on flooded streets at the request of the inhabitants are engaged 20 bilge machines.

In Krasnodar stopped the movement of trams and trolley buses because of the rain

The movement of trams and trolley buses stopped in Krasnodar, where the streets were flooded due to heavy rain, according to the administration of the regional capital.

On Wednesday replaced the intense heat came to Krasnodar showers. According to the MOE of the region, the water flooded the roadways in low-lying areas, flooding has disrupted public transport.

In Krasnodar, eliminated almost all occurred due to the heat of energoavarii

Energy has eliminated almost all of the accident occurred two days because of the heat in Krasnodar remain without electricity 3.9 thousand inhabitants, according to the administration of the regional capital.

Since the beginning of the week due to the steady heat in the Kuban began power outages: the light was turned off in Yeisk, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Temryuk. The most difficult situation – in Krasnodar. Electricity consumption in the regional capital has increased by 50% compared to the year high of last year. Monday remained without electricity more than 40 thousand people. According to the authorities of Krasnodar, on Tuesday there were 12 major power outages. To restore power supply in the regional capital was attracted teams from different regions of Kuban.

About 300 Russians returned home from Yerevan

About 300 Russians returned Tuesday to his homeland from Yerevan to Krasnodar and Zhukovsky in terms of closure of air traffic because of the pandemic of coronavirus, was reported in the Russian Embassy in Armenia.

"The seventh of July, the company "Ural airlines" carried out export flights on route Yerevan - Krasnodar and Yerevan - Zhukovsky. These flights has returned home to 291 Russian", - stated in the message posted on the Embassy page in Facebook.

The Ministry announced the export of the flight from Yerevan

Export a flight from Yerevan to Krasnodar, which was to be held July 6, was postponed to 7 July, said the representative of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation.

"Changed date, time and number of flight Yerevan - Krasnodar on 6 July. Now the flight U6 8640 Yerevan - Krasnodar departs July 7 at 16.25 local time (15.25 MSK)", - said the representative of the Ministry of communications of Russia in the Telegram-channel "public Services: Armenia - Russia".

In Krasnodar, unknown shot the businessman, the source said

The attacker shot and killed a businessman in Krasnodar and fled, police looking for the perpetrator, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, unknown shot from the not yet installed weapons in a local businessman in his car. The victim died on the spot.

Posted a video of shooting a businessman in Krasnodar

Published video of the shooting in Krasnodar, in which, allegedly killed a businessman. Footage from surveillance cameras says REN TV.

The video shows how unknown comes out of the passenger seat Lada Granta and shoots the owner when he got in the car. An attacker hiding in the domestic passenger car.

The victim is deceased lieferung Alena Verdi wants to send the claim clinic

A resident of Krasnodar Alexander Acireale, which is recognized as the victim in the case of lieferung, the hands which, according to the investigation, suffered five people, told RIA Novosti that after the death of the accused considering to complain to the managers of the clinic, which hosted a plastic surgery.

The criminal case against Alena Verdi, who had no medical education, opened in Krasnodar in April 2019. She was threatened with imprisonment for the term up to 6 years. In the media Verdi was nicknamed "Dr. Frankenstein". In early June it was reported that the trial was postponed for health reasons of the defendant. On Monday, the press service of SUCK for the Krasnodar territory, responding to a question about Verdi, reported that a woman died on this fact scheduled preliminary examination.

The victim commented on the death of lieferung Alena Verdi

Anastasia Ismailova, the victim of lieferung Alena Verdi, which was accused of causing deformities to their patients, confirmed that she died without regaining consciousness. This writes the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Earlier it was reported that Verdi could die from overdose of drugs. It is alleged that the woman's body received an excessive dose of insulin, leading to hypoglycemic coma.

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