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On the election of governors in candidates moved 147

About 147 people were nominated candidates for gubernatorial elections in 18 regions of Russia, at the moment, the number of nominees the leader of Irkutsk oblast - 17 representatives of political parties and independent candidates, said the head of the working group of public chamber on public control over the voting Maxim Grigoriev.

"In 2020 will be the election of governors, senior officials of the regions 18 regions. At the moment, in this election we have nominated by 147 people. And actively participate in the both parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties. Candidates currently nominated 24 party. This is a large number of parties that participate in elections and nominate their candidates," - said Grigoriev at a press conference.

Graduate from Kostroma scored 400 points on the exam

Graduate school in Kostroma scored 400 points on the unified state exam (EGE), having passed four subjects at the higher score, the maximum score was the fifth in the history of the Russian state exam, said the administration of the Kostroma region on Saturday.

"A graduate of the Kostroma school No. 30 scored on the exam 400 points in four subjects: computer science, Russian language, core mathematics, physics — the maximum possible! The record of a young man - a rare phenomenon. In the entire history of the unified state examination only four people in the country scored 400 points. A graduate of the Kostroma became the fifth!" - stated in the message.

Tyumen oblast became the leaders by the index of industrial production in January-may

The index of industrial production in Russia in January-may 2020 accounted for 97.6%, a decrease compared to the same period last year, while leaders came Tyumen oblast, and at the end of the list of Tuva, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

In January-may 2019 the index of industrial production in Russia amounted to 102,2%. According to experts, the decline in production has had a significant influence pandemic coronavirus infection.

For the post of Governor of the Kostroma region expect ten candidates

Ten candidates, including the incumbent Governor of the Kostroma region Sergey Sitnikov, filed documents for participation in elections of the head of the region, told RIA Novosti the representative of the election Committee.

"The election Commission of the Kostroma region presented the documents on the nomination of 10 candidates," - said the Agency interlocutor, noting that Tuesday is the last day of reception of nomination documents.

SC opened a case after the death of his children in a fire in Kostroma region

Investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of death of two children in a fire in a private house in the Kostroma region, said on Saturday SUCK for the region.

Earlier the consequence informed that the fire is a semi-detached house on the Central street of the village lighthouse Vokhomsky district, where lived two families, occurred on the morning of June 13. According to the administration area, in one family the parents and three children managed to escape, but six-year-old girl and a four year old boy had not managed to leave the burning house. SC began checking on the fact of the tragedy.

In Kostroma region, visitors will be obliged to show help COVID-19

The authorities of the Kostroma region ordered all entering the region from 1 June to present the certificate stating that they are not sick with coronavirus, as well as the absence of contact with patients, said the administration of the region on Saturday.

From 1 June there will be a permanent operation of the entry control points on the control over immigration to the area in three directions – from the Nerekhta, Volgorechenska and Yaroslavl. Control over the presence of immigrants on the territory of municipalities is vested in the local authorities.

SC opened a case after the death of two children in a fire near Kostroma

Criminal case initiated on the fact of the death by fire of a boy and girl left unattended at home in the village of Kostroma region, according to Russia's Investigative Committee on Saturday.

Earlier, the regional administration reported the deaths in the fire boys and girls, the remaining one in a private house while dad was away and mom was in the store. The fire occurred on the street Bragina in the village of vokhma, Kostroma region.

Kostroma the Governor has complained to Putin at the shortage of doctors in the region

The Governor of the Kostroma region Sergey Sitnikov said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the low availability of doctors, the region lacks a 560 doctors.

Vladimir Putin at the meeting asked the head of the region, as in the Kostroma region the situation with the doctors.

In Kostroma region employs 30% of beds for patients with COVID-19

Beds for patients with COVID-19 in the Kostroma region occupied only by 30%, said the Governor Sergey Sitnikov during the meeting via video link with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday.

"In accordance with your goals in Kostroma region deployed 400 beds fixed at seven medical organizations... today, the occupancy rate of the specialized hospital beds accounts for only 30%," - said Sitnikov.