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Hopes are gone after Kim. Why North Korea broke with Seoul

Enemies, traitors and scum can not expect that their plans will work out, it's time to bring with them scores for crimes and completely cease contact — so North Korea explained the intention to break with the southern neighbor. The whole world once again drew attention to the Korean Peninsula. What Pyongyang is angry at Seoul, versed RIA Novosti.

The operator of the point of contact at the House of peace on the border between the two Koreas is watching the screen and two tubes. Green — outgoing calls, red — incoming. At the appointed time — silence: the threat of Pyongyang to block line was not a "paper tiger".

The DPRK is unlikely to hide the statistics on the COVID-19, the expert believes

Pyongyang is unlikely to hide the statistics on the coronavirus, claiming that there are no patients, said lead researcher, Institute of Far Eastern studies Konstantin Asmolov.

"Here, I think I agree with Russian diplomats and Western experts who are talking about the fact that the virus to North Korea still has not passed. Because they are really fast, hard and quickly sat down on total quarantine and is only now slowly and carefully begin to open inside, but not outside" - he said during the online lecture "North Korea today", organized by the higher school of Economics.