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In the DPRK, said the lack of interest in "useless" summit with the US

First Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee workers ' party of Korea Kim yo-Jong, is the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, have rejected the possibility of holding a new summit, the DPRK-US to the end of the year. This is stated in its statement, published by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

According to her, the summit will depend on the attitude of heads of the States, and no one can know for sure what decision they will take, but there are a number of reasons why a meeting can not take place.

Experts tell why Pyongyang has postponed military action against Seoul

"Delay" by North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the implementation of the plans of the General staff of military measures and of the campaign against South Korea - no more than a temporary respite, and Seoul must seriously consider their next steps, I think South Korean experts.

On Wednesday it became known that the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN on 23 June held a provisional meeting of the fifth session of the Central military Commission of the workers ' party of Korea of the seventh convocation, which decided to postpone the General staff presented a plan of military action against South Korea. After that, according to Yonhap news Agency, North Korean Internet resources began to remove articles criticizing the South Korean government and the DPRK military at the border dismantled the speakers, which only had begun to set.

Balloons with leaflets sent to North Korea, found in a different part of South Korea

Balloons with anti-North Korean leaflets sent on the eve of the South Korean nongovernmental organization "Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea," from the frontier town of Paju on the West coast of the Korean Peninsula, was found on South Korean territory, 70 kilometers southwest of the launch site, according to Yonhap news Agency, citing the police.

Vinyl balls with a diameter of 2-3 meters, was found hanging on a tree in a mountainous area of the County hongcheon-gun province Cansado. Next also discovered several leaflets. The posters, attached to balloons, photos of Kim Jong UN, Kim Il sung, younger sister of the current leader of the DPRK Kim Yu-Jeong, and calls not to forget the history of the Korean war and to rise up against "aggressors and murderers of their own nation."

KCNA: DPRK can remember about the idea of turning Seoul into a "sea of fire"

The South Korean authorities should not pass on Pyongyang the responsibility for the elimination of the office of inter-Korean ties, as Seoul was the first to break the agreement, if such charges continue, the DPRK can remember about the idea of turning Seoul into a "sea of fire", said in published comments of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

"If the (South Korean government) can't follow the language, then we can again think have long forgotten the idea of turning Seoul into a sea of fire," writes KCNA.

In Seoul said that the DPRK was prepared to the explosion of the liaison office

North Korea has begun preparations for destroying inter-Korean liaison office in the Kaesong border a few days ago, placing explosives inside the building, reports Yonhap news Agency citing the head of the national defense Committee in the Parliament of the RK Deputy of the Democratic party Min-Hyung Chul.

According to Min Hong-Chul, preparations began immediately after the statement of the sister of leader Kim Jong-UN Kim-Jeong of the demolition of the office. Saturday night around the building was recorded unusual activity - the movement of traffic.

In Seoul stated that they would not tolerate "reckless behavior of the North"

South Korea believes that Pyongyang went on an absurd steps, not hearing the promise of the South Korean President and answering it in a rude manner. This was announced at the briefing, the representative of presidential administration of the Republic of Korea Yun To Han.

He recalled that moon Jae-In on 15 June on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first inter-Korean summit, said that parties cannot go back to the state, when they were on the brink of war, and offered to solve all the difficulties in bilateral relations through dialogue and cooperation. In response, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jeong published a statement in which they harshly criticized the President's speech.

The DPRK plans to pull troops to the border with South Korea

North Korea is considering a plan for the introduction of troops in the border areas and resumption of military exercises, the statement of the representative of the General staff of the Korean people's army, which leads the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

Located near the border zones of inter-Korean cooperation in the Kaesong and the mountains kymgansan was created in the early 2000-ies. Kaesong, located less than 50 kilometers from Seoul, is considered one of the main directions for the promotion of North Korean troops to the South in the event of hostilities. Prior to the start of construction of industrial complex in 2003, on its Eastern edge was located several divisions, armed with tanks and armored personnel carriers, and artillery brigade with self-propelled guns and RZSO are able to strike the South Korean capital.

North Korea has refused to receive envoys from South Korea

South Korea requested the possibility of sending a special envoy to the DPRK for talks with the country's leader Kim Jong-UN, but was refused, betraying North Korean Central news Agency (KCNA).

As reported, first Deputy head of the Department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jeong "strictly forbidden" to agree to such a "disingenuous offer", as it is nothing more than "tricks" of Seoul. The Agency also notes that the idea of the South about sending messengers from the beginning was unrealistic, given what "unprecedented state of anti-epidemic measures" being taken in the DPRK because of the pandemic coronavirus, so any entry into the territory of the country.

UN Secretary-General commented on the aggravation on the Korean Peninsula

UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres expressed concern at recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, the press service of the UN.

"The Secretary-General is concerned about recent events on the Korean Peninsula. The Secretary General called for the resumption of inter-Korean dialogue, which would lead to a peaceful solution," - said in the message.

The explosion of inter-Korean liaison office caught on video

South Korean military issued a video of the destruction of the building of inter-Korean liaison office, which is located on the territory of the Kaesong industrial complex in North Korea.

The footage captured the moment of the explosion and building collapse.

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