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The President of Kenya has extended the curfew for 30 days

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta extended an additional 30 days the curfew imposed in the country to contain the outbreak of coronavirus infection.

"I give further order and prescribe as follows, that a curfew throughout the country remained in effect for another 30 days," said the President in address to the nation, the record of which is presented on the website of the local newspaper Daily Nation.

In the neighboring South African countries are experiencing an increase in the incidence of COVID-19

The increased incidence COVID-19 is observed in countries neighbouring the Republic of South Africa (South Africa), which became the main focus of coronavirus infection on the African continent, told RIA Novosti adviser to the African region of the who programme on emergency health Miriam Nanyunja.

According to the Ministry of health of South Africa, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the country has exceeded 420 thousand, have died more than 6.3 thousand people.

In Somalia, the humanitarian, the plane crashed because of scared donkeys

The Kenyan plane, which was carrying humanitarian cargo, last week crashed in Somalia due to the fact that the terrified donkey ran out to the runway, reports the Daily Nation newspaper with reference to Somali aviation authorities.

Informed Somali radio station Radio Garowe reported that on Tuesday, July 14, Charter a cargo plane crashed in the Somali town of Beletweyne (Hiran region). According to the Somali media, members of the crew survived and were not injured.

Media: in Kenya, the Senator left office, violating curfew

The Chairman of the Committee of the Senate of Kenya, to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus was forced to resign after his arrest in a bar where he was drinking, despite the curfew, according to local newspaper the Star.

It is reported that Senator Johnson of Sakaja and three other people on Saturday was found by police drinking at the bar in the Metropolitan area of Kilimani approximately in the morning. All four were detained by police for failure to comply with the government curfew.

In Kenya for COVID elementary and middle schools will open next year

Primary and secondary schools of Kenya will open only in January 2021 due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, according to the Ministry of education of the country.

The Minister said, as reported by Citizen TV channel that all the exams will be held next year. School opens, he said, if "the smooth curve of infection" or "become more aware of this virus."

Kenya to resume international flights from August 1

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the resumption of international flights from August 1, and was informed about the decision of the authorities to begin a phased withdrawal of restrictions imposed in the country due COVID-19.

In his speech, which was broadcasted by the TV station Citizen TV, he stressed that the epidemiological situation in the country has not yet stabilized at 100%.

Ethiopia will not start to fill in the"Rebirth" to reach an agreement

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have agreed during the negotiations on the establishment of the technical Committee for the elaboration of the final document on the Ethiopian dam "Revival", Addis Ababa pledged not to begin the filling of the dam without such a document, said press Secretary of the President of Egypt Bassam Happy.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Friday took part in the summit dedicated to the subject of the Renaissance dam and held in a videoconference mode. In the negotiations of the Sudan was presented by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamuka, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abay Ahmad.

Kenya elected a non-permanent member of the UN security Council for the years 2021-2022

Kenya will be the fifth non-permanent member of the UNSC for 2021-2022 years, from the voting results, announced by the President of the UN General Assembly Tijani Muhammad-Gang.

Thursday was the second round of elections for non-permanent members of the security Council. The country was choosing between Kenya and Djibouti, which are unable to recruit the necessary number of votes on Wednesday.

The UN held elections for the new non-permanent members of the Security Council

The UN General Assembly on Wednesday will elect new non-permanent members of the Security Council - five will compete Canada, Djibouti, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway.

The UN security Council - a permanent structure of the organization that has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. In the security Council always sit 15 countries - five permanent members and ten temporary.

Kenya and Russia can establish trade in military equipment, said the diplomat

Military equipment can become part of the trade relations between Kenya and Russia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti chargé d'affaires of the Kenyan Embassy in Moscow Maurice Calving.

According to Lambing, at present, across countries there is no direct cooperation in the military field, but Kenya is interested in larger volume of trade with Russia, part of which may be military sector.

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