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The court in Kuzbass extended the arrest of the leaders of TTS "Winter cherry"

The Kemerovo regional court upheld the appeal of the lawyers of the leaders of TTS "Winter cherry" Yulia Bogdanova, George Sobolev and Hope Sedenak, leaving them under arrest until October 26, according to the website of the Kemerovo regional court.

All three defendants are accused in the first case about a fire in TTS "the Winter cherry". Total in the case are eight people, in addition to these, it is the leader "System integrator" Igor Polozenko, an employee of the same company – engineer fire protection system, Alexander Nikitin, an employee of chop Sergei Antoshin, the chief guard of the firefighting and rescue unit №2 Sergei Genin and head of the firefighting service of the Kemerovo first members of the fire service Andrew Burcin.

SK showed a video of the interrogation in the case of pictures of Nazis in "the Immortal regiment"

The investigative Committee has published a video search and interrogation of persons involved in Affairs on the rehabilitation of Nazism due publication of photos of Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment".

The footage shows how officers conduct searches of the two suspects — a resident of Kemerovo Dmitry Borodaenko and resident Perm Maksim Gusev, who, according to investigators, uploaded the "memory Bank" of photographs of the Nazis. In addition, questioned a resident of Kemerovo admitted that he was "not right".

Two more cases opened for the photo Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment"

The investigative Committee opened two criminal cases on the rehabilitation of Nazism due publication of photos of Nazis on the website of the project "Immortal regiment". This was reported by the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

As established investigators, the inhabitant of the Kemerovo Dmitry Borodaenko uploaded the "memory Bank" with a picture of Adolf Hitler, and Maxim Gusev from Perm — a photo of the traitor, of the SS Andrei Shkuro.

The head of Kuzbass said about the future of the cultural-educational cluster

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the construction of the cultural-educational cluster in Kemerovo, which will consist of two parts.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task to create a regional cultural complex that includes branches of well-known institutions, artistic, musical and theatrical educational institutions. Until the end of 2023, such centers should be built in four cities — Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk and Sevastopol.

In Kemerovo the child suffered from a fire in a private house

Boy, four years old were injured in a fire in a private house in Kemerovo, reported RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the regional center of medicine of catastrophes Anton Dugic.

"Kemerovo, 01.25 (21.25 GMT) a fire in the street chesnokovskaya. Suffered a four year old boy. Taken to the burn unit. The state of moderate severity", - said the press Secretary of the center.

In the Kuzbass during the day revealed 69 cases COVID-19

In the Kuzbass during the day revealed 69 cases of coronavirus infection, said the Governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev.

As explained RIA Novosti the regional Rospotrebnadzor, 19 new cases in Kemerovo and 15 in Novokuznetsk, a 10 – Mezhdurechensk, five in Yurga, three in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Osinniki, two – in polysaevo and Yurginsky district, one in Myski, Prokopyevsk, belovskiy, Kemerovo, Mariinsk, Village and Lascinska areas.

In Kemerovo in an accident with a truck three people were killed

Two adults and a child died in an accident on the track in Kemerovo, faced with the truck, told RIA Novosti in the press service GU MVD in the Kemerovo region.

"Three hundred and second kilometre of highway R-255, the territory of the city of Kemerovo. The accident occurred around 17.50 (13.50 GMT). According to preliminary data, the driver of the car VAZ-2110 drove into the oncoming lane, where collided with a truck MAN. The accident killed a man, woman, and child. All were in the car VAZ-2110", – told RIA Novosti in the press service of the police cupola.

In Kemerovo two adults and a child drowned in the lake

Three people, including a child, drowned in Kemerovo on Red lake, the press service of the SUCK of the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region.

"Third July 2020, in 14 hours, it was reported that the Red lake drowned 40-year-old man, his 45-year-old girlfriend and girl 9 years old, another baby was saved. On this fact the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the Kemerovo region, Kuzbass opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (causing death on imprudence to two and more persons)", – reports the Agency.

In Kemerovo the ambulance rolled over in an accident

An ambulance and a Toyota Camry collided at the intersection of Ostrovsky and Spring in Kemerovo, the ambulance turned over, four people were injured, told RIA Novosti in the press service GU MVD in the Kemerovo region.

"A traffic accident occurred today at about 00.30 (20.30 GMT) at the intersection of N. Ostrovsky and Spring in Kemerovo. At the scene left the crews of the traffic police and investigatory-operative group of MIA of Russia in Kemerovo city. Previously it is established that 26-year-old driver of a Toyota Camry moving down the street the Spring, has violated the requirement road sign "Give way" and did not provide an advantage to the ambulance car moving down the street N. Ostrovsky. As a result of collision "GAZelle" ambulance overturned. ...Injuries in the accident were four people: the driver of the ambulance vehicle and three passengers," – says police Glaucus.

Russian scientists are "astrobotnia" vascular prostheses

Specialists of the research Institute for complex issues of cardiovascular diseases (NII KPSS, Kemerovo) made a new practical step towards the creation of cardiovascular prostheses of small diameter, which, when implanted in a living organism would not present a risk of blood clots, scientists were able to show the relative efficiency they created a vascular prostheses on large laboratory animals, reported the press service of the Institute.

Synthetic vascular prostheses interact with the blood and the surrounding tissues and soon after implantation, are covered with blood clots, which poses a threat to the health and lives of patients. So you want to create such an artificial vascular prosthesis which minimally would contribute to blood clot formation.

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