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The permanent representative of Iran urged the United States to perform their duties

The permanent representative of Iran to the international organizations in Vienna Kazem Gharib-Abadi has expressed concern about reports according to which high-ranking U.S. officials discussed the possibility of conducting nuclear tests and urged the United States to comply with obligations under treaties in the field of disarmament.

"We Express our deep concern about reports that senior US officials had discussed the possibility of conducting nuclear test explosions, which in the case of their implementation will not only be seen as a clear violation of the global moratorium on test explosions of nuclear weapons, but also seriously undermine the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and thereby international peace and security," said Abadi, whose words are on Twitter, the Iranian permanent representative.

The foreign Ministry of China, assessed the situation around JCPOA

Providing maximum pressure on Tehran does not help in resolving the situation around Iran's nuclear issue and will not address the concern of the parties, said at a briefing on Monday, the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang, commenting on the statement "eurothree".

Earlier, the foreign Ministers of Germany, France and the UK urged Iran to promptly and fully cooperate with the IAEA and grant access to sites, as required by the organization. The statement stressed that "eurotroika" with deep concern took note that Iran for many months prevents the required access by IAEA inspectors, thus the organization is unable to implement its mandate.

The Iranian Parliament demanded the suspension of IAEA verification

Iranian MPs demanded the government to suspend IAEA verification in relation to nuclear activities in the Islamic Republic.

The press service of the Parliament reported that the government appealed the 240 members of the new Parliament, asking the Executive to suspend the implementation of the Additional Protocol to the safeguards Agreement with the IAEA.

Ulyanov has denied the rumors about Iran's nuclear activities on the disputed objects

There are no hints that Iran currently has nuclear activities at two sites, the resolution on which is adopted the IAEA, said on Friday Russia's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov.

The IAEA Board of governors on Friday by a majority vote adopted a draft resolution of the EU Troika with (France, Germany, UK) on the inspectors access to two nuclear facilities in Iran.