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The white house has promised new sanctions against Syria

The United States will continue to impose new sanctions against Syria in the framework of the campaign of pressure on Damascus, said the press Secretary of the President of the United States kaley Makineni.

"Will follow the new sanctions, which will be part of the ongoing campaign of economic and political pressure designed to keep the regime (of President Bashar) al-Assad of the resources that he uses to war against the Syrian people," - said in a written statement Makineni.

The White house said that the tramp has saved millions of Americans from coronavirus

Press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni claims that the President of the United States Donald trump his recommendations for the quarantine saved millions of American lives.

Quarantine in most cases, introduced local authorities at the level of States and counties, the Federal government only has spread recommendations. Trump initially opposed the quarantine, then recognized it as a necessary measure, and subsequently began to call for the early opening up of the economy with observance of security measures.

White house denies differences between trump and major infectious diseases USA

The white house denies any disagreement between President of the United States Donald trump and the main infectious doctor Anthony Fauci.

Earlier, the White house gave the media a list of erroneous claims made by the head of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci on the subject of coronavirus. Fauci had publicly denied the statement trump and recently appeared on the briefings of the working group of administration of anti-coronavirus, although was interviewed and addressed the Congress.

Trump moved the next meeting because of the storm

Scheduled for Saturday the rally of the US President Donald trump in new Hampshire will be postponed to a later date due to the bad weather, said Friday the press-Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni.

"For a week or two" - quoted her response to a question, presidential pool.

Trump called the decision of the Supreme court on his finances "witch hunt"

The US President Donald trump called the decision of the Supreme court in its financial documents, "witch hunt".

The Supreme court issued on Thursday two solutions for Finance trump. In one of them the court rejected the congressional committees that requested financial information trump and his family. However, in another decision, the court ruled that prosecutors in new York may be required to submit tax documents to the President. However, these documents are unlikely to be published before the presidential election.

The White house said that when the trump will release tax returns

The President of the United States Donald trump to make public their tax returns, will be completed when they audit, said on Thursday to journalists the press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni.

"The President repeated it four years: his tax returns are audited. When the audit is finished, he will publish", she said.

Visited the White house the journalist contracted the coronavirus

The coronavirus was diagnosed in the journalist who visited the White house, said Thursday the White house correspondents ' Association.

According to her statement, the journalist, whose name was not released, attended briefings by the press Secretary Kaylee Makineni 6 and 8 July, more than anywhere else in the White house in recent times he was not.

The white house has supported trump after his words about the harmlessness of coronavirus

The white house has defended President Donald trump that 99% of the cases COVID-19 "completely harmless".

"It was a factual statement based on the science and showing that the mortality rate in our country is very low... the President mentioned the fact that the vast majority of Americans that get the coronavirus will survive this," he told reporters at a briefing a press-the Secretary of the tramp Kaylee Makineni.

Trump praised the settlement of the situation in Seattle

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed satisfaction with the settlement of the situation in Seattle, where earlier the police dismantled the so-called "Autonomous zone" - a few blocks occupied by protesters.

"I'm glad that in Seattle they (local authorities) solve the problem, because they knew that we (the Federal government) are ready to enter, and they did what was necessary," said trump at the event with the participation of representatives of small and medium business "Spirit of America Showcase".

In Seattle the police eliminated the "Autonomous zone"

The police eliminated the "Autonomous zone" in the city of Seattle in the U.S. state of Washington, according to ABC News.

Earlier it was reported that police have launched crackdown "Autonomous zones" on Wednesday morning, in accordance with the decree of the mayor of the city.

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