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In Russia intensified advanced hackers from North Korea

The specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" has fixed a new targeted attack known North Korean hacker group Lazarus in Russia, said in a statement.

According to experts, at least since the spring of 2018 APT-group (target) Lazarus conducts attacks using advanced framework (the platform that defines the structure of a software system - ed.) is MATA. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that he can hack the device regardless of what operating system it runs - Windows, Linux or macOS.

The expert assessed the prospects of development of domestic

Russian IT companies still have a lot to do to create the competition of foreign software on industrial scale, now many domestic developments have weaknesses, said the head of "cyber security Agency", member of expert Council of state Duma Committee on information policy Evgeny Lifshitz.

On Thursday, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin in his presentation, shown during a speech at the panel discussion with the participation of the IT industry, pointed out that state agencies and state-owned companies until 2021 should coordinate the plans used FOR substitution of foreign for domestic.

Experts tell how to avoid the above scams in social networks

The Russians can avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters in social networks, showing the vigilance and attention to the URLS and all kinds of ads on the topic of pandemic coronavirus and related support measures and compensation, told RIA Novosti interviewed experts.

Earlier Tuesday, the head of Analytics and special projects CC InfoWatch Andrei Arsentiev has told RIA Novosti that the attackers began to create in the social network Facebook fake pages, surveys, and to conduct lotteries on behalf of the Russian banks with the aim to steal user's money. A Facebook representative later told RIA Novosti that the social network is struggling with the false advertising and remove it using their systems based on artificial intelligence technology in the fight against scams and false information also help users ' messages.

Experts from Kaspersky found attacking the corporate network with malware

"Kaspersky lab" has detected malware to steal data from corporate networks and penetrate disconnected from the networking device, says the company.

Special software developed by APT-group Cycldek, which has been operating since 2013. "Experts found the malware USBCulprit, which are designed to steal data from the corporate network and allows the attacker to infiltrate disconnected from the network physically isolated devices. The malware active in 2014, new models appear in 2019", - stated in the message.