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Media: thousands of people at Twitter could become targets of attack by hackers

More than a thousand employees social network Twitter have level of service access, which could be of interest to hackers, reports Reuters, citing former employees of the company.

Previously, the company reported that hackers hacked a few accounts of American celebrities in the service of mikroblogov, entered in the internal system of the company using credentials of a "small number" of employees.

A million per child. Prepare a new candidate for US President

Family revelations, tears and arguments about abortion — that memorable first public performance of the newly-minted presidential candidate U.S. rapper Kanye West. He was put on the ballot only in Oklahoma, but extravagant election campaign has already started. Meanwhile, the real contenders — Joe Biden and Donald trump are in a race whose outcome is more unpredictable.

The American rapper, producer and designer Kanye West many titles: European champion, a Grammy — award 21, the best-selling musician, a regular in the Forbes list, one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Now Kanye is aiming for the presidency at the head of the "Birthday Party".

Kanye West asked Twitter whether he should run for President

American rapper Kanye West in Twitter published the list of tracks from the upcoming album and asked followers whether he should be a candidate, hinting, not to run him for US President in 2024.

The current President of the United States Donald trump said earlier that the West will be easy to take to the November vote in the election of black Americans from the former Vice-President Joseph Biden.

Kanye West invited Jay-Z to become a candidate for Vice-President

American rapper Kanye West proposed to rapper Jay-Z to be his candidate for Vice President, reports the portal TMZ, citing an interview with West.

According to the publication, West announced his desire to see the post of Vice-President Jay-Z during an interview with blogger Chris Kahlan. He claims that Jay-Z his "brother," and they are "connected for life".

Kanye West at the meeting with voters was crying, cursing and quoting the Bible

Rapper Kanye West at the first meeting with his supporters as a candidate for U.S. President joked about the coronavirus, cursing, crying from the memories and quoted from the Bible, his hour-long communication with the audience was broadcast on Youtube.

West was wearing a bulletproof vest that says "Security", shaved on the back number 2020, without a mask and spoke with a slight elevation, which allowed him to be not just head and shoulders above the audience, standing close to him, not observing the recommended social distance. The event was held in South Carolina, it was attended by about 200 people.

Kanye West will hold the first election event

Rapper Kanye West, who registered as an independent candidate for the elections of the President of the United States, on Sunday in South Carolina will hold the first event of his campaign, reports Politico, citing the received is a document.

According to the document, the event will be held for registered participants only in the center Exquis in North Charleston, South Carolina. All participants must be masked to comply with social distance.

It became known as hackers broke into the Twitter

Hackers hacked a few accounts of American celebrity on the social network Twitter has been infiltrated in the internal system of the company using credentials of several employees, the Corporation said.

The company says that hackers managed to influence a small number of employees and "use their credentials for access to internal Twitter systems, including through two factor authentication". At the moment, the company reported that hackers have gained access to the "internal tools only available to internal help Desk" to get into the 130 accounts. For 45 of them hackers managed "to initiate the password change, login and send a few tweets".

The media learned who was behind the burglary Twitter

The recent attack on Twitter was a group of young people from the US and the UK, which communicated with each other in the messenger and the shell which was led by one nick Kirk, who claimed that working in the social network and has internal access to user accounts, the newspaper New York Times with reference to participating in the hacking of hackers and their publishing screenshots of the conversations in the messenger.

As reported by the NYT, they managed to contact with four members of hacking them among users under nicknames lol and ever so anxious. To contact the hackers edition helped the specialist in the field of security from California Haseeb Awan. Avan said that he maintained contact with the hackers, as they previously tried to crack it owned the company.

Twitter can be fined for hacking, according to media

The Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States will study violated Twitter 2010 agreement, the company can be fined a large amount by US regulators after hacking a series of accounts of famous persons, informs Agency Bloomberg.

Previously unknown broke into the accounts of several U.S. celebrities. Among the victims of the burglary were former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, billionaires bill gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, rapper Kanye West, Apple, Uber and others. The authors in the hacked accounts, promised to return sent to them within 30 minutes bitcoins in doubling the size.

Kanye West posted a photo of rocks presidents of the USA with his face

American rapper Kanye West, who announced he was registered as an independent candidate for participation in presidential elections has posted on Twitter a photo of the memorial at mount Rushmore, where his face is near the other four sculptural portraits of the presidents of the United States.

In the pictures a sculptural portrait of Kanye West is to the right of the portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The image of the rapper was signed simply - "2020".

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