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In Moscow will launch a project for the return of a lost elderly

Kaliningrad social project on returning home lost elderly with dementia, "Help me come home" will start in Moscow in September, reported the press-service of Public chamber of the Russian Federation, where he discussed the implementation of the project.

Social project "Help me go home", developed in the Kaliningrad region, is to equip people with memory loss special badges with a QR code that contains contact information about the owner. In the QR code on badge the iron-on transfer indicate the name and telephone number of relatives or welfare, which must be contacted in case of emergency.

In Kaliningrad has suspended work on the field of battle Seven years war

Kaliningrad authorities have been instructed to suspend all work and to move the construction of farm structures with the historical gross-Egersdorf the field of battle Seven years war, reported the press service of the regional government.

The Governor Anton Alikhanov at the weekend instructed the officials of the regional government to deal with conducting business operations on the site of the historic battle, which holds a "Kaliningrad meat company" (enters into Agroholding "Miratorg").

Media: Poland has afraid to put F-35 at the Russian border

Poland decided not to deploy the fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II at the base in Malbork 80 kilometers from the Kaliningrad region and in mińsk Mazowiecki, near the Belarusian border. It is reported Defence24.

According to the portal, Poland refused to deploy the newest fighters in the East of the country, as the authorities fear that Russia will be able to check their radar and infrared characteristics. So the military leadership decided to deploy F-35 on the West of the country in Swidwin, which previously was home to squadrons of su-22.

The defense Ministry responded to the claim of Finland to the flight of Russian su-27

Four Russian su-27 naval aviation of the Navy of planning flew from Karelia to the airfield in the Kaliningrad region, the defense Ministry reported.

The flight took place at a pre-agreed route, the route by which the crews of the Russian airplanes were in constant communication with control centres of air traffic.

In the Kaliningrad region the number of victims of coronavirus reached 46

The number of deaths among patients with coronavirus in the Kaliningrad region has increased to 46, last night died two men, who were identified COVID-19, told reporters in the regional operational headquarters for control over novel coronavirus infection.

"Over the past day in the Kaliningrad region confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus infection. The number of deaths at postmortem imprisonment increased to 46. Died of two men: unemployed citizen of 45 years with severe pneumonia and liver disease and retired 75 years with severe pneumonia on the background of hypertonic disease", - told in the headquarters.

In the Kaliningrad region has told about new cases of coronavirus

Almost half of people infected with coronavirus in recent days residents of the Kaliningrad region — pensioners, told reporters in the regional operational headquarters for control over novel coronavirus infection.

"In the last day in the area of 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Five cases diagnosed with pneumonia, the eight - SARS. Two asymptomatic form. Among the new cases, seven pensioners. Five of them were infected by relatives, who had signs of respiratory disease, but not sought medical help, one examined before a planned hospitalization", - said in the headquarters.

Found near Kaliningrad amber nugget called "Naval"

Amber nugget that employees of the Kaliningrad amber factory extracted on the eve of Day of the Navy of Russia, called "Naval", told reporters in a press-service of the enterprise.

As told at the enterprise, amber plant for a long time had friendly relations with the Baltic fleet and a patron of the crew of the destroyer "Persevering". In may of this year, on the eve of the Day of the Baltic fleet, the plant made amber coat of arms of the Russian Federation, the Armed forces and the Navy of Russia. Heraldic signs was donated to the Museum 11 field armies located in the House of officers of the Baltic fleet.

In the Kaliningrad region the number of cases COVID-19 sailors rose to 16

Three more sailors returning from a trip to Namibia, was among the 16 new cases of coronavirus residents of Kaliningrad, COVID-19 was detected in eight of the members of the crew, told reporters in the regional operational headquarters for control over novel coronavirus infection.

According oberstab, among cases two shift workers, who arrived in Kaliningrad to work on a construction site, five pensioners, and the waitress of one of restaurants. For each case identified contact 98. All they were given segregation and placed under medical observation and examination.

A cow brought down the birth rate was denied compensation for damaged car

Residents of the Kaliningrad region, which is knocked down out on the road and driving a cow, through the court demanded from the owner of 350 thousand rubles for the repair of his car, reported the press service of Slavsky district court.

As reported in court, in support of the claims the plaintiff stated that in October of 2019 early in the morning drove out of the ditch onto the roadway a cow. The accident his Opel Zafira received significant damage. The driver indicated that the animal was unattended, causing and accident.

In the Kaliningrad region found fragments of the T-34

Kaliningrad searchers have found the place of death and fragments of the T-34, shot down in April 1945, and established the names of all crew members of combat vehicles, told reporters the head of the regional public organization of search engines "Conscience" Ruslan Khisamov.

"Continuing the search operation in the framework of the project "Historical Memory" we were able to detect the place of death of the crew of the T-34-85 of the first battalion of the 28th guards tank brigade. The tank was hit in battle 14.04.1945 year in the district of Lublin village of Zelenograd district of Kaliningrad region (former Seerappen)," said Khisamov.

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