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Against the Deputy of Alaminos opened a criminal case

Investigative Committee opened against the municipal Deputy of Moscow Yulia galiamina the criminal case of repeated violation of the rules of holding rallies, said on Friday in capital management of SK Russian Federation.

"A criminal case against a municipal Deputy of one of the districts of the city of Moscow Yulia Galiamina on signs of the crime... "Repeated violation of the established procedure of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing", - told reporters a senior Executive assistant GSSC of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

SK asked about the arrest of a suspect in the attacks in South Butovo

The consequence intends to petition before court about the arrest of a man suspected in violence against women in South Butovo, said senior assistant head of the Moscow Central Directorate of the investigative Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

The arrest of a man suspected of molesting seven women in South Butovo, it was reported yesterday.

In Moscow detained a suspect in attacks on women in South Butovo

Moscow investigators detained the man whom suspect of abusing seven women, said senior assistant head of a capital Central Board SK of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

According to the SC, since the beginning of July in South Butovo a man attacked the women and made "violent actions of sexual character". Crimes were committed mostly in the evenings. During this period, addressed to militiamen and seven injured described by the same description of the assailant.

In Moscow, police beat

A native of Azerbaijan, was beaten by police near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, a criminal case, said senior assistant of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

She noted that a criminal case under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation "application of violence concerning the representative of authority".

Detainees for bribes employees "sailor's silence" was arrested

Two employees of SIZO-1 ("Matrosskaya Tishina") in Moscow, which received about 5 million rubles in bribes, was taken into custody, said told reporters the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia in the capital of Julia Ivanova.

"Today the court against the accused a preventive measure in form of detention," - said Ivanov.

In Moscow woman dies after liposuction

The investigators will investigate the cause of death of women after surgery for liposuction in one of the medical centres in the North of Moscow, has informed journalists the senior assistant of GSU SK the Russian Federation across the capital, Yulia Ivanova.

"In fact the medical services that do not meet the security requirements, conducted preliminary examination", - said Ivanov.

Party groups, killed five people, was sentenced to 15 years in prison

Member of the criminal groups who committed five murders in Moscow and the Moscow region 20 years ago, sentenced to 15 years in prison, said senior assistant head GASK of Russia in Moscow Julia Ivanova.

Alexander Sharapov was found guilty under three articles. The investigation revealed that he was a member of the community, composed of so-called "Orekhovo" and "Medvedkovo" sustainable armed groups. In addition, from 1994 to 2001, he killed five people in Moscow and the Moscow region. Sharapov was in the international wanted list for more than 15 years, in 2017, he was detained and taken to the capital.

The patient of the Moscow hospital was killed by walkers roommate

The patient hospital in the North of Moscow was beaten to death by a Walker neighbor in the ward, a criminal case, said the representative of a capital Central Board of the investigative Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova.

As said the source RIA Novosti in law enforcement, both patients were treated from cancer.

The former coach abused nine children, will go on trial

The investigation of the criminal case against the former coach accused of sex crimes involving nine young children in Moscow, is completed, he will go on trial, the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

According to investigators, the man from December 2016 to July 2017 acquainted with young children, then, under various pretexts, invited them to his apartment in the southern administrative district of Moscow, and also in a house in the Tver region, where he committed a crime. It is established that from actions of the man injured nine children. In 2018 the man was detained after the treatment of one of the parents of a child to law enforcement.

The doctor assessed the condition of children found in Moscow apartment

Visible pathologies in children found in the apartment in Moscow, during the primary survey were found, traces of violence there, a small newborn jaundice and conjunctivitis, said the chief pediatrician of Moscow, chief physician of children's clinical hospital of a name of Vashlaevoj Ismail Osman.

Previously senior assistant GSSC of Russia in Moscow Yulia Ivanova said that in the afternoon of 23 June, in an apartment house on the street Argunovskaya was discovered five babies. According to preliminary data, their ages from about six days to six months. With children there were two women, whose identities are established. Children are born, presumably, surrogate mothers, reports the press service of the MIA.

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