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President of Honduras was discharged from hospital after admission with COVID-19

President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez was discharged from the hospital after being hospitalized with coronavirus.

"I thank God for the opportunity to be among you again... now I'm going to recover at home" - those were his first words spoken in the broadcast of local TV channel HCH.

In Honduras extended curfew

A record daily increase of cases of infection with coronavirus was registered in Honduras in the last 24 hours there is ill, 1075 people, according to data released by the Ministry of health of the country.

The Ministry of public security reported on Sunday that the curfew imposed earlier on the national level, will be extended until 12 July.

President of Honduras was hospitalized with coronavirus and pneumonia

President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 and pneumonia, said a spokeswoman for the National risk management system.

"The tests showed minor infiltrates in the lungs. Diagnosed with pneumonia, but the health is good," - said the representative of the National risk management system, Francis Contreras, the words of official results radio America HN.

The President of Honduras was infected with coronavirus

Honduran President Juan Orlando hernández announced the channel HCH that he and his wife confirmed the new type of coronavirus.

He added that he will continue to perform their duties remotely and to observe the isolation.