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The former mistress of the king of Spain Juan Carlos called to court

Ex-lover ex-head of Spain, king Juan Carlos, the entrepreneur Corinne Larsen called in the national court of Spain on 8 September to testify, told the court.

We are talking about the episode of the big case (the case of Tandem) in relation to the former police Commissioner Jose Villarejo, which was engaged in illegal wiretapping and record conversations with high-ranking politicians and businessmen and that 2017 is in pre-trial detention.

The government of Catalonia want to file a lawsuit against king Juan Carlos

Legal authorities of Catalonia, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Catalan government of Kim Terry, will consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the former head of Spain's king Juan Carlos in connection with allegations of possible corruption, the press service of the President of Generalitat.

"The President of Generalitat Kim Torr in relation to last weeks news about the former king has ordered the consideration of filing a lawsuit against Juan Carlos de borbón, Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and all those who in one form or another, participated, helped, contributed to the corrupt actions or covered these actions, which, presumably, were involved the former head of the Spanish state and his entourage," - said in a statement.

Former kings does not happen: why did Spain protect Juan Carlos

The Royal house of Spain this week published a report on their expenditures for 2019 and the first quarter of this year, confirming that since mid-March, father of the current head of state, king Felipe VI, Juan Carlos, no longer receives its maintenance funds from the state budget.

The last payment stated in the explanation of the Royal house, he received 15 March, so they owed him the rest of 161 thousand euros will be spent for other purposes. Exactly on 15 March, the head of state, his son Felipe VI, has signed a decree Stripping his father handed him the throne in June 2014, payments from the state budget. In the same decree Felipe refused the inheritance.