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China vs USA: challenge accepted

Beijing officials took the call that he threw the Washington senators and the congressmen. To paraphrase a famous American principle, we can say that the approach "never negotiate with political terrorists" was applied to the United States. Chinese media reported that the so-called law on the security of Hong Kong was adopted, and this means that China is prepared to take the risk of sanctions from Washington, because the threat of sanctions senators and congressmen tried to stop the passage of this bill.

By and large, the Beijing leaders was a binary choice: to give in to blackmail and to the South of the country the real separatist enclave that will rock all and Sundry, or to meet the sanctions, but to save so important for the Chinese national consciousness of the unity of the country. Critics of the decision who already pedal the theme of "economic collapse of Hong Kong as a global financial center" will emphasize that it was a choice between political and economic considerations, the choice was made in favor of the policy to the detriment of the economy, which is clearly not true. The problem is that no short-term economic benefits (which, of course, would be fixed — at least through the absence of sanctions) never and would never be able to compensate for the economic damage that would be dealt to China in that case, if the process of disintegration of the country would not be stopped directly in Hong Kong right now.