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"Work like serfs": Prigogine evaluated the position of artists

Producer Joseph Prigogine commented on his statement that artists were in a difficult position in connection with cancellation of performances, noting that the creative intelligentsia is entitled to support from the state, like any other profession, writes the edition "Sobesednik".

The producer said that the Russian artists, unlike colleagues abroad, making participation in festivals and television broadcasts, "working like serfs". For example, he led singing festivals, where the jury often sit famous artists. According to him, they don't get paid for it.

Prigogine turned to emaciated a hundred kilos Fadeev

Producer Joseph Prigogine turned to his colleague Maxim Fadeev, who lost one hundred pounds. The corresponding video appeared on Instagram-Stories Fadeeva.

"Max, Hey. You do, of course, this morning motivated. I stood on (cross country skiing. – approx. ed.) track have not stood a month probably right. These three kilometer passed, while running will not, to my knees not to hurt. I hope that will continue in the same mode," - said Prigogine.

"Skeletons in the closet": Prigogine spoke about divorce Asmus and Kharlamov

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Fifth channel" commented on the statement by humorist Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus about the divorce.

Prigozhin admitted that it is difficult to name the reasons for the separation of the artists, because they can be absolutely any.

Prigogine: Foundation support for artists should be headed by Igor Matvienko

Producer Joseph Prigogine would like to Fund support for artists was led by the composer Igor Matvienko.

Previously Prigogine initiated the establishment of a Fund to support artists in crisis situations.

Prigogine commented on the statement Boni on "neseblod"

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Evening Moscow" has criticized the former participant "Houses-2" and TV presenter Victoria Bonia after scandalous remarks about the Russians.

Bonia previously called receiving minimum wage "are inept alcoholics and lowlifes". In her opinion, support should be given to entrepreneurs.

Prigozhin told about his property

Producer Joseph Prigozhin, the radio station "Moscow speaking" told about his welfare.

"I live in an apartment house, I have no country house. This year I probably won't be able to use in Switzerland, a country my.

Prigogine ready to help "impoverished musicians" money

Russian producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Moscow speaking" stated willingness to pay stranded musicians the money that he had allocated state.

He also thanked the country's leadership for help.

Prigogine called 90% of modern Russian music slag

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Moscow speaking" expressed the opinion that music in Russia has ceased to be a profession and became a business.

According to the producer, there are now a lot of musicians, and sometimes he can't distinguish one artist from another.

Prigogine commented on the accident with Ephraim

Producer Joseph Prigogine called the tragedy an accident with the actor Mikhail Yefremov, which killed 57-year-old man.

Producer condemned drunk driving, and urged the public to treat the incident objectively. According to him, Ephraim, "must obtain what is necessary in the circumstances".

Valeria replied indignant because of her live woman

Valeria replied indignant because of its live instagram the woman and criticized her for her rudeness.

Valeria has published the announcement of live broadcast with Opera singer Olga Peretyatko and asked subscribers to write questions for their conversation, promising to take note of the best of them. However, one wearer of instagram said that the singer she was tired, and this attracted the attention of Valerie.

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