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Dzhigurda ridiculed the words of Prigogine about the waste of two million rubles a month

Actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda commented in an interview Teleprogramma.pro the words of the producer Joseph Prigogine on his monthly expenses.

Earlier, Prigogine said that in a month spends at least a half to two million rubles. According to him, this amount includes the money he pays, its collaborating artists.

Prigogine Spivakov criticized for refusing Lukashenko awarded the order of

Producer Joseph Prigogine said on the air of NSN solution conductor Vladimir Spivakov to abandon awarded by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko the order of Francysk Skaryna, not supporting such a move.

"The order was awarded for humanism it Spivakov, for his achievements. He is the owner of this order by right as someone who is a cultural bridge between our countries and peoples," he said.

"We should sew up his mouth": Prigogine revealed easy way to lose weight

Producer Joseph Prigogine in conversation with the Fifth channel has shared the secret of weight loss.

Prigogine noted that he was able to reset the "roundabout". This was achieved by increasing physical activity and reducing portion sizes of food.

Prigogine appreciated the refusal of the Russian artists to perform in Belarus

Producer Joseph Prigogine suggested that Russian actors refused to participate in concerts in Belarus before the presidential election, because I don't want to participate in the "election campaign any of the candidates," he and his wife Valerie also refused to travel.

Earlier, the Russian singer Leonid Agutin and other artists reported that they did not arrive at scheduled for August 8 concert in Belarus. The presidential elections scheduled for 9 August.

Prigogine questioned the possibility to live on 50 thousand roubles a month

Producer Joseph Prigogine said in an interview with "Fifth channel" in a month spends at least a half to two million rubles, while noting that is not as the stars of show business can live on 50 thousand.

The producer commented on the statement of a number of stars of show-business, in particular, Laysan Utyasheva and Nikita Dzhigurda, the willingness to live a month on 50 thousand roubles.

Prigogine criticized the Vine, that the fees of Lolita

Producer Joseph Prigogine criticized in an interview with "Fifth channel" composer George Vine for his words about the fees of singer Lolita Milavskaya.

Previously, Vine has criticized colleagues on show-to business, in particular, lolita, too high, in his opinion, prices for performances.

Prigogine was appalled by the care of Timati Black Star

Producer Joseph Prigogine commented on radio Sputnik care of rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) with the label Black Star.

The musician announced his departure from the label on Monday. His departure he called a "balanced solution partners who have been together 20 years." The rapper said that he will retain a stake in some projects, the Black Star, including network Burger, karting and car washes.

Joseph Prigogine said about threats of violence

Producer Joseph Prigogine said about the death threats in his address from the representatives of the company, taking an apartment from his first wife.

In the apartment, it is reported, lived also the daughter of a former mother-in-law / producer and the son to whom he left it's housing in the divorce with his wife.

Prigogine was surprised, as an ex-wife lost the property to "one hundred million"

Russian music producer Joseph Prigogine in conversation with the TV channel REN-TV commented on recent media reports that his ex-wife and children were evicted from the apartment because of debts.

The producer said that for many years tried to persuade their children not to sign any papers.

"Work like serfs": Prigogine evaluated the position of artists

Producer Joseph Prigogine commented on his statement that artists were in a difficult position in connection with cancellation of performances, noting that the creative intelligentsia is entitled to support from the state, like any other profession, writes the edition "Sobesednik".

The producer said that the Russian artists, unlike colleagues abroad, making participation in festivals and television broadcasts, "working like serfs". For example, he led singing festivals, where the jury often sit famous artists. According to him, they don't get paid for it.

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