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The story of Nikolai Platonovich and John Boltunova

A year ago in Jerusalem held a two-day meeting Nikolai Patrushev and John Bolton — Secretary of the Russian security Council and adviser to the President of the United States national security. It was their third conversation in ten months: they met in Geneva, then spoke in Moscow.

In June 2019, the nor Patrushev, neither Bolton does not know the future — in particular, the fact that less than three months he will be dismissed. And a year after the Jerusalem meeting will be released his memoir "the Room where it happened: memories of the White house" that his former boss would call a threat to national security due to the disclosure of classified information, and the Secretary of state Pompeo not think Bolton's a traitor.

Bolton criticized trump for the failure of an attack on Iran because of possible victims

Former White house adviser for national security John Bolton in his book criticized the American leader Donald trump for the failure of an attack on Iran because of possible victims.

On Tuesday, went on sale his book "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house."

Bolton said that trump was worried about Russian troops in Syria

The US President Donald trump was concerned about possible casualties among Russian troops in the event of a us strike on Syria in the spring of 2018, says former adviser of the head of state John Bolton.

On Tuesday, he published a book of memoirs of former US presidential Advisor for national security Bolton, in which he describes his work in the White house in the years 2018-19.