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Authorities of Nantes did not find signs of forced entry in the Cathedral

Forced entry of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, where on Saturday morning a fire occurred, it was not revealed, said the Prosecutor of the city of Saint Pierre.

"No sign of forced entry at the inputs was not found," the Prosecutor told AFP.

Prime Minister of France, noted professionalism of the firefighters putting out the Cathedral in Nantes

French Prime Minister Jean Castex noted the professionalism and efficient work of the firemen at the fire in the Cathedral in Nantes.

"First and foremost I would like to pay tribute to the high professionalism of the hundreds of firefighters who were mobilized from the beginning of this disaster, and acted with remarkable efficiency", - told reporters Castex arrived in Nantes. He also pointed to the excellent coordination between all state and local services.

Prime Minister of France went to Nantes, where the burned Cathedral

The Prime Minister of France Jean Castex, the interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and culture Minister roselyne Bachelot sent to Nantes, where on Saturday lit up the Cathedral.

The fire occurred in the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul is about 7.50 (8.50 GMT). Work at a place more than 100 firefighters. At the moment the fire is localized.

France will be the compulsory wearing of masks in public places

The wearing of masks will be mandatory in all public places of the closed type in France next week, said the head of the government Jean Castex.

To date, the wearing of masks was compulsory only in public transport. On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel macron said on some signs of a return of the epidemic of the coronavirus and called for the introduction of compulsory wearing of masks in public places is gated from 1 August.

Macron said the main task of the new government of France

The new government in France will have to rebuild the economy, which suffered from the pandemic of a novel coronavirus, improving social protection and environmental issues, said the President of the Republic Emmanuel macron.

In his Twitter account, the French President pointed out that because of the "international shocks" and crises need to pave a new path and adapt to the current realities of the political program which he proposed in 2017.

Medvedev thanked the former Prime Minister of France for fruitful cooperation

The Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Fund "SKOLKOVO" Dmitry Medvedev thanked the former Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe for fruitful interaction, according to the Secretariat Medvedev.

On Friday morning, Edouard Philippe, who held the position of head of the French government in 2017, resigned. His place was taken by Jean Castex, who earlier held a post of the mayor of the city of Prades.

Mishustin Castexi congratulated on his appointment as Prime Minister of France

The Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin congratulated Jean Castex on his appointment as the head of the French government and noted that he looks forward to strengthening cooperation between the two countries, the press service of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation on Friday.

"Developing a multifaceted trade, economic, investment and scientific-technical cooperation, implementing major infrastructure projects. Convinced that the intensification of joint work and the government will contribute to the further strengthening of Russian-French cooperation, expand practical cooperation in various fields", - quotes the premiere of the telegram.

The expert assessed the purpose of Castex new Prime Minister of France

The new Prime Minister of France Jean Castex – little-known public official, he was Deputy of the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on withdrawal of France from the isolation mode after COVID-19 and a very worthy showed itself in this complex area of work, told RIA Novosti leading researcher of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of political Sciences Sergei Fedorov.

The President of France, Emmnauel macron was appointed to the post of Prime Minister Jean Castex after Edouard Philippe, who held the position of head of government, resigned.