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Japan in days from 260 people revealed coronavirus

The number of identified infections coronavirus infections in Japan approached 23 thousands: Monday in the country COVID-19 was confirmed in 260 people, transmits television channel NHK, which collects and integrates data from local administrations.

Almost half of those infected 119 people – revealed in Tokyo. For the first time in the last five days in the capital, less than 200 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus.

Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Tokyo

Despite the increase in the number of positive test results for coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Tokyo, the situation is different from what it was in March-April, namely, fixed low number of severe cases, said Monday the Japanese experts at a press conference in the foreign Ministry of Japan.

"There are an increasing number of cases due to the clustered distribution of infection, but in severe cases compared to APR less," - said the head of the government Chancellery facilitate actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Tomotika Uama.

Japan will allow the entry of certain groups of foreign citizens

The Japanese government plans to allow the entry of foreign nationals with specific residence status (e.g. students, interns) notwithstanding the prohibition, imposed because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports NewsOnJapan.

Those who temporarily left Japan before the introduction of restrictions, will be able to return to the country if they meet certain requirements. One of them is a negative result for PCR test for coronavirus. Currently, foreigners from 129 countries are not allowed to enter Japan.

Japan welcomed Russia's efforts in vaccine COVID-19

Russia's participation in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 and the exchange of ideas is needed in this area to find the best solution to the problems with infection, said to RIA Novosti, a prominent Japanese expert virologist, Professor of Tohoku University Hitoshi Oshitani.

In Sechenovskiy University has previously successfully completed the study of the world's first vaccine against the coronavirus on volunteers, Russian scientists have confirmed its safety for humans.

The number of cases COVID-19 at U.S. bases in Japan has reached 98

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus infection on U.S. military bases in Japan rose to 98: on Monday, the virus has been confirmed yet 32 people, said the Agency Kyodo.

Clustered foci of infection COVID-19 was identified located in the southern Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa, U.S. military bases "camp am a fan" and "marine corps air station Futenma". Last Saturday it entered the isolation mode, and a day earlier, the US military command resumed the restriction of movement for military personnel and employees of US bases in Japan in connection with the growing number of cases on the bases. They re prohibited use of public transport, restrictions on restaurants and cafes.

Chilled eyes on the case Safronova

Feature heated discussions of detention IV. IV. Safronov is that in his defence put forward such arguments, which arguments are not. Neither for nor against.

For example, the statement "I have dealt with Safronov, he is a wonderful man and a true patriot" only means that Safronov in the course of communication with the surety proved from the best side and gave no reason to suspect myself of cheating. That is, like standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, he had the most positive characteristics about him spoke well comrades at work and at the same time he did not allow himself to careless mistakes like "Stirlitz walked through the streets of Berlin, and nothing betrayed a Russian spy: no behind radio, no parachute trailing behind".

In Japan because of the floods and landslides killed 70 people

The number of victims of floods and landslides caused by rains in the southwest of Japan has increased to 70 people, reported the TV channel NHK on the basis of data from the field.

Missing are 13 people.

In Japan, for a day from more than 400 people found the coronavirus

TOKYO the Number of new infections coronavirus infections in Japan again exceeded 400 people: Sunday in the country COVID-19 was confirmed at 407 persons, transfers TV channel NHK, which collects and integrates data from local administrations.

More than half of those infected 206 people – revealed in Tokyo. The growth of infections were also recorded in the prefectures of Kanagawa (23 persons), Saitama (31 people), Osaka (32), Chiba (31 people), Kyoto (8 people) and others.

Two American bases in Japan imposed isolation

The isolation mode is entered is located in the southern Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa, U.S. military bases "camp am a fan" and "Futenma" where there are clustered outbreaks of infection COVID-19, said the Agency Kyodo, citing the prefectural government.

"Two American naval bases on Okinawa entered lockdown mode (extreme isolation - ed.)", - reports the Agency.

The interception of a US air force aircraft Russian fighters took video

The Ministry of defence has published a video escort reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. air force over the sea of Japan by Russian fighters.

The footage, shot from fighter jets, seen American Board.

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