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Named words that are most often encountered in books about Harry Potter

Each next book about Harry Potter British writer JK Rowling was darker and sadder than the previous one, judging by the number of words with negative connotation such as "death", "kill" and "evil". So, the last part of the series contains more than four times as many such words than the first, the statistics of book MyBook service.

In MyBook has identified the words most often used in a series of books. For example, the name Harry Potter is mentioned in the Saga of nearly 20 thousand times. Often there are nouns and adjectives related to the magic wand (1907 times), "magic" (794 times), "magic" (454 times), the conjuring (368 times), "the mantle" (365 times).

Us Democrats run the risk of "losing the Jews"

Loud care the next star of journalism from The New York Times is not one scandal but two. The first fits into the overall picture of U.S.-European persecution of those who do not hit the liberal ultraorthodoxy for all mandatory parameters, from "racism" to LGBT persons and beyond. And the second scandal... the fact that Bari Weiss, pointedly and effectively wrote the letter of resignation from the newspaper not long ago was named the seventh edition of the Jerusalem Post most influential Jew in the world (the ranking includes both sexes). Because star, winner of awards and other regalia — she just writes well.

As for Newspapers, the question of the continuation of the story is well known: this summer when journalists hounded the head of the Department of the views of James Bennett, forcing him to resign. Because Bennett has published a review — that is a personal opinion — Republican Senator Tom cotton about what we need to send troops in cities and States controlled by Democrats, where local authorities hinder the police to stop the riots, looting and so on.

"Culture of cancellations": the self-destruction of liberalism

For the second week in the Western media, including the most popular, raging storm around the theme of the so-called culture of the cancellation.

Publications and not a single, scored all: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, BBC, Forbes. To continue the list can be very long.

J. K. Rowling confessed that she had been subjected to domestic violence

Author of books about Harry Potter, explained on its website, why did you allow yourself to speak out about transgender people, and for the first time admitted that he was the victim of domestic sexual violence.

"I have more than 20 years located in the centre of public attention, and has never talked about what I went through. It is not that I feel ashamed that this happened to me, and that it really hurts to think about it", — she wrote.