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The court announced the results of the DNA test of the son of decl

The Basmanny court of Moscow has announced the results of the DNA test of the son of the widow of rapper decl (Kirill Tolmatsky), Yulia Kiseleva, reports StarHit.

It is noted that initially Kiselev did not specify Tolmatsky in the column "father" in the birth certificate of the child, the woman had to file a lawsuit against FIU, who refused to pay her social security pension survivor benefits after the death of the musician.

The head of Udmurtia appreciated the appropriation of the title of Izhevsk City labor valor

The assignment of the title of the Izhevsk City labor prowess is very important for the residents of the Udmurt Republic, is rightly and with dignity, said the head of the Republic Alexander Brechalov.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal to give from 20 cities, including Izhevsk, the title of City labor prowess, noting that he would sign the necessary documents in the near future.

In Izhevsk have started to walk locked in quarantine circus animals

Animal rights activists of Izhevsk has made improving the detention conditions of circus animals, which has been closed on quarantine coronavirus in a cramped van in the car Park of the city: the donkey Sara and the three dogs began to walk.

Earlier in the Alliance of animal advocates of Izhevsk RIA Novosti reported that on-site Parking private Parking Izhevsk discovered vans with circus animals, which have not been walking since March 15 because of the quarantine coronavirus. It was about three large dogs breed Bobtail, two poodles, two monkeys, a donkey and pigeons. Animal advocates appealed for help to the authorities.

In the Udmurt Republic told about the situation with payments to doctors

Doctors Glazovsky district hospital in Udmurtia accrued payments for work with patients with COVID-19 after the intervention of the SU IC of Russia on the Udmurt Republic, according to the website of the RF IC.

"SU IC of Russia on the Udmurt Republic has undertaken to identify information on the facts of nonpayment of a monetary compensation for health workers involved in providing care to patients with coronavirus... the Monitoring of the current situation allowed to reveal information about adverse situation in hhci UR "Glazovsky district hospital", caused dissatisfaction of medical staff lack of provision of payments", - stated in the message.

In Udmurtia died another patient with coronavirus

The head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov reported the death of an elderly patient with a coronavirus in the region, he became the 19th victim of the infection.

"On the morning of June 2 in the Udmurt Republic revealed 53 cases of coronavirus infection. The number of cases of three children up to 14 years, five citizens over the age of 65 years, six medical workers. Finally coped with the disease and was discharged 11 others, unfortunately, one fatal case, the patient 68 years", - Brechalov wrote on his page in "Vkontakte".

In Udmurtiya have closed parks and zoo because of the spread of the disease COVID-19

The head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov stated that the region is not ready to enter the second stage of the regime of self-isolation, and shut down parks and the zoo Izhevsk until further notice to stop the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection.

"Suspend the activity of parks and public areas of the zoo until further notice. I sent a photo of that in the Park of Kirov happened in the weekend. There is one who keeps a mask mode. Queue jam for food, we can't risk the health of children. Additionally, all the hostels of universities and colleges (be) testing for the coronavirus and will carry out a full disinfection of the premises. If you follow the statistics, the incidence rate, the region is not ready for the second stage of the regime," - said Brechalov live on his page "Vkontakte".

In Udmurtia died two patients with coronavirus

Two residents of the Udmurt Republic with the diagnosis of coronavirus infection has died in hospital, the number of victims of the virus has reached 18, the head of the region Alexander Brechalov.

Earlier it was reported on 16 patients with coronavirus, died in the hospitals of the Republic.

In Udmurtia died two patients with coronavirus

The number of deaths of patients with coronavirus in the Udmurt Republic amounted to 16 people, last night died two men, according to oberstab region.

"Two men from Izhevsk, they were older than 50 years", - stated in the message oberstab.