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In some regions restricted cash replenishment travel

In a number of Russian regions from the third Aug is limited to the cash replenishment of transport maps. New rules introduced due to changes in regulation e-wallets. You can recharge the card will be in the Bank or electronically via the Internet.

As explained by RIA Novosti, the Chairman of the Association of market participants of electronic money and remittances (de) Victor Dostov, entering into force a ban on the replenishment of non-personalized wallets in cash applies to all types of non-personal tools, regardless of their destination. Gets banned and the cash funding of a significant number of transportation cards, students cards and other tools.

In the Vladimir region, vacationers have saved couple from sinking car

Resting on the Bank of the Klyazma river in Kovrov Vladimir region rescued the couple from the car "Gazel", which fell off a cliff into the water and began to sink, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a senior on duty shifts, urban search and rescue team Igor Hajduk.

According to him, the incident occurred on the evening of June 26. With a small cliff into the river Klyazma down the car "the Gazelle".

In the Nizhny Novgorod region in an accident killed three people

Two cars collided on a highway near Nizhny Novgorod, three people were killed and another seven, including two children, were injured, told RIA Novosti the regional management of traffic police.

The accident occurred at the 21 kilometer route the Shopsha – Ivanovo – Nizhny Novgorod to Balakhna district at 20.20.

In Ivanovo a drunk driver hit four people on the walking path

The driver with signs of alcohol intoxication brought down on a pedestrian walkway in Ivanovo mom, rolled the stroller with the infant, a seven year old girl and a man, according to UMVD on region.

The accident occurred on Thursday on the street Kohma Ivanovo highway.