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At the start of the Baikonur rocket mounted with a truck "Progress"

Carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1 a" to transport cargo vehicle "Progress MS-15" on Monday were taken and installed at the launch complex of the Baikonur cosmodrome, reports Roskosmos.

"After installation at the launch complex of pad 31 in vertical position, it was announced farm service, and the joint calculation of specialists of enterprises of state Corporation "Roscosmos" began work on schedule the first launch day," - said in a statement on the website of the Corporation.

The scientist told about the brightest for the last seven years the comet

The brightest over the past seven years the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) can be seen in the sky from the Earth approximately one week, then it will already be hard to see, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the engineer training Observatory Ural Federal University (Urfu) Vladilen Sanakoev.

C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) is a comet, discovered on 27 March 2020 infrared space telescope NEOWISE. Previously it aboard the International space station took a picture of the Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner. According to the astronaut, it is the brightest for the last seven years, the comet.

Left of the ISS ship "Progress" with the debris de-orbited and destroyed

Cargo ship "Progress MS-13", set sail from the International space station on Wednesday, de-orbited and destroyed in the atmosphere, Roscosmos said.

The ship "Progress MS-13" with goods arrived on the ISS in December 2019. The crew unloaded it and filled with debris. The ship undocked from the Pirs module of the Russian segment of the station on 8 July.

The ISS has set another filter to reduce the level of toxic benzene

Another carbon filter is installed in the U.S. segment of the International space station with the aim of reducing concentrations of toxic benzene in the air, said NASA.

"The crew installed a backup carbon filter to ensure additional purification of the atmosphere to further reduce the level of benzene on the ISS," - said on the NASA website.

On the American segment of the ISS was denied power supply unit

Power supply unit refused outside of the American segment of the International space station, is scheduled to be replaced by a new one with the manipulator, said NASA.

As noted on the website space Agency, the failure of the remote control unit power supply happened on 1 July. This unit provides power to one of the computers outside the station.

ISS shied away from the chip stage of the Russian "Proton"

An exceptional correction orbit of the International space station on Friday was held to avoid a possible collision with a fragment of the stage of the Russian rocket "proton", informed RIA Novosti the representative of NASA.

Earlier Roscosmos reported that the height of the ISS orbit increased by 900 metres with the help of engines docked to the station of the cargo ship "Progress MS-14", to avoid possible collision with space debris. The Corporation did not specify what it represents and who owns this garbage.

Russian cosmonaut complained of fatigue from the enclosed space

The astronauts who were selected and training and was allowed to fly, unknown to claustrophobia, but the orbit may develop fatigue from the enclosed space, said Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner.

"There is no such that there was a strong desire to go out ... there is more accumulated fatigue from a closed space," he said during a linkup with the ISS.

Cosmonaut Wagner spoke about the challenges of living in zero gravity

To draw in zero gravity is difficult, as well as to comply with your handwriting when writing, said from aboard the International space station Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner.

"In weightlessness to do (draw - ed.), in fact, difficult. Even the handwriting is to observe and to write properly in zero gravity is more difficult than on Land," he said during the broadcast on the YouTube channel "Roscosmos TV".

Cosmonaut Wagner took a picture of a bright comet from the ISS

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner was photographed from aboard the International space station the brightest for the last seven years the comet.

"The next wave tried a bit closer to photograph the brightest for the last seven years the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)", - he wrote on his Twitter page, accompanied the message with the comet.

ISS conducted an evasive maneuver to avoid space debris

The orbit of the International space station unscheduled adjusted to avoid potential debris, said to RIA Novosti in the press service of the Roscosmos.

There said that now the ISS crew consisting of the cosmonauts, "Roscosmos" Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken works on the planned program.

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