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Urgant ridiculed the appointment Shnurov geproduceerd RTVI

TV presenter Ivan Urgant on air of the show "Evening Urgant" commented on the appointment of the leader of group "Leningrad" Sergei Shnurov geproduceerd RTVI.

While Urgant and his co-presenter Dmitry Khrustalev congratulated his appointment.

"Michael Jackson": the stars made fun of the idea of renaming in the United States eskimo

TV presenter Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel commented on the intention to rename the USA the Popsicle, offering "new name" for ice cream.

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported that the American company Dreyer''s going to change the name of your ice cream EskimoPie, as it is a "derogatory term" for the indigenous peoples of Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. As the newspaper writes, citing data from the Smithsonian institution, the Popsicle was invented in 1920 Christian Nelson and chocolatier Russell Stover. They patented the product in 1922 under the name "Popsicle" and with the logo in the form of a man in jacket with fur trim.

Urgant ridiculed the roller Kirkorov about paratroopers

TV presenter Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel commented on the video about paratroopers with the participation of singer Philip Kirkorov.

In the video for comic sketch show Kirkorov appeared in the form of a paratrooper, which angered the former airborne troops commander Vladimir Shamanov. He called the story disgusting and urged the artist to remove the video "for your own good".

Urgant ridiculed Panina after the scandal at the funeral Aksenova

Showman Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel made fun of the actor Alexei Panin, calling him a man who "knows best what is the bottom."

Urgant has mentioned the actor, commenting on the immersing of the Russian apparatus "Vityaz" on the bottom of the Mariana trench. "How does deep-water apparatus "Vityaz"? This is Alexey Panin, the actor, wearing a coat of mail, suit and roulette, which were sent to the study basin. Because this man better than anyone in our country knows what the bottom is," said the presenter.

Urgant ridiculed officials, "who learned from social networks" about the incident in Norilsk

Showman Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel is a joke on those who are responsible for being informed about the emergency situation at Norilsk.

The TV presenter has called the incident a terrible environmental disaster.