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Okhlobystin stood up for Asmus divorce with Kharlamov

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin in an interview with the publication "7 days" said that he admires the actress Kristina Asmus, and also stressed that she has "a whole range of advantages.

Okhlobystin said that filming a sex scene in the film Text, which, in the opinion of the users of the Network, and led to her divorce from comedian Garik Kharlamov, does not change the artist's attitude to it. Okhlobystin said that he will have to justify it, as it refers to it as "relative". The actor also admitted that he did not see this movie "just in case".

Ohlobystin explained why he stood up for Ephraim

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin said in an interview with YouTube channel Metametrica why I stood up for Michael Ephraim after the fatal accident.

"I'm Russian man, I'm still the judge. Even if he was an Ogre, still would remain my comrade and friend (Efremov — the godfather of the eldest daughter Okhlobystin. — Approx. ed.). It's part of our natural perception. How can I stand, as a European, and say, "Oh, you

Okhlobystin spoke about the last conversation with Ephraim

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin in an interview with StarHit spoke about the last conversation with Mikhail Efremov.

According to the artist, he often heard from his colleague, however, the last thorough conversation with Ephraim took place about a week before the accident. After the incident, said the actor, they are not allowed to communicate.

In Moscow on 21 June there will pass the action "Thanks to the medical staff"

Share "Thanks to the medical staff", will be held on June 21, congratulations for the doctors on the Day of medical worker will appear in different parts of the city, and the boulevards will be open exhibitions, reported on the website of the Moscow mayor.

"...The city runs the event "Thank you workers" to thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics and lab technicians. Congratulations appears on the Ostankino tower and the facade of the Smolensk bridge to the platforms of the ICC and IDC and boulevards will open the exhibition", - stated in the message.

Okhlobystin asked the reporters after the accident with Ephraim

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin published in "Vkontakte" appeal, which urged journalists not to involve the ex-wife of Michael Efremova Kseniya Kachalina in coverage of the topic fatal accidents.

"She's good, though, and deeply sick man, she is a woman, in the end, after the "landing" Misha (Efremov. — Approx. ed.) it will remain without means of existence, its own daughter wants to surrender in a madhouse. Is this a hell of a lot of creates in your heart a modicum of mercy?! Leave her alone!" — posted by Okhlobystin.

Simonyan stated that the veteran did not pay for the part in the movie about the amendments

The veteran of the great Patriotic war Ignat Artemenko and his grandson had not paid the fee for the part in the video about the amendments to the Constitution, wrote in his Telegram channel chief editor MIA "Russia today" and RT Margarita Simonyan.

RT on the eve of voting has produced a video in which community leaders, the veterans and the artists read out the preamble to the basic law of the country.

A veteran of the movie about the amendments became ill because of the abuse Bulk

The great Patriotic war veteran, 93-year-old Ignat Artemenko, supported the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, had a heart when he learned of the insults in his address on the part of Alexei Navalny, told RIA Novosti the grandson of a veteran Igor Kolesnikov.

Previously the grandson of a veteran told RIA Novosti that Navalny insulting remarks about the people starring in the video of the TV channel RT in support of the amendments to the Constitution of Russia, including Artemenko, will remain on the conscience of this policy. Also the video was filmed and became the target of criticism of opposition academician Leo Bokeria, actors Vasily Lanovoy, Irina Kupchenko and Ivan Okhlobystin, cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, a designer Artemy Lebedev and others. Insults Navalny condemned the chief doctor of the district hospital gorodischenskiy Penza region Alexey Kargin, a member of the Central auditing Commission of the popular front, the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Mikhail Kuznetsov, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the onf Elena Tsoneva and others.

Okhlobystin made a joke about protecting "artists without panties" Prigogine

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin commented on instagram remarks producer Joseph Prigogine about the plight of artists and urged his followers not to become "bad people".

"Jesus Christ commanded us to forgive everyone, including stupidity," writes Okhlobystin.