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The oncologist called the symptoms that are mistaken for gastritis

"The hunger pains" or pain in the stomach after eating is often mistaken for gastritis, but often this is a sign of ulcers, he wrote in Instagram oncologist surgeon Ivan Karasev.

The doctor recalled that in the cavity of the stomach comes a set of substances that are the aggressors (e.g., hydrochloric acid). Their action is directed to the breakdown of food, however, that these substances are not damaged the wall, in the stomach produced by a protective factor. As explained Karasev, the predominance of aggressive factors, together with the depletion of the protective layer causes damage to the stomach wall first there is erosion, then ulcer. The doctor also reminded of the important role of hereditary predisposition to disease and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The oncologist called the main symptom of a dangerous disease of the esophagus

Surgeon Ivan Karasev in his instagram listed the symptoms that indicate a hernia of the esophagus.

According to the physician, the main symptom of a dangerous disease — heartburn. It appears immediately after a meal, and after exercise or a prolonged stay in the supine position. Often, the bouts of heartburn are accompanied by inflammation of the lining of the esophagus — esophagitis.