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Macron called on Netanyahu to refrain from measures for the annexation of the West Bank

The President of France Emmanuel macron in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday urged to refrain from taking any action for annexation of the Palestinian territories, said on Friday the elysée Palace.

Macron also recalled the unwavering commitment of France to the security of Israel and its determination to reduce tensions in the middle East. "He expressed his attachment to the friendship and trust that bind France and Israel", - said in a communiqué.

The authorities denied the information about the explosion in Tehran

Local authorities have denied the information that in the Western part of Tehran province in Iran, an explosion occurred, reports state TV and radio company IRIB.

Earlier it was reported that the explosion was heard in the West Iranian province of Tehran. The broadcaster, citing data from social networks also noted that in the city of Quds Tehran province has been shut down electricity

In Israel, the five towns areas declared restricted areas

Areas in five cities of Israel for a week declared to be restricted areas because of the coronavirus, reported the press service of the government of Israel.

In each of the cities applies only to certain areas. Entry and exit from these zones will be limited to that business activity will be reduced, the report says.

In Israel in the days recorded more than 1.6 thousand cases COVID-19

The number of diagnosed cases of infection with coronavirus in Israel has grown at 1650 per day and reached 34 825, four more patients with this diagnosis died, the total number of deaths reached 348, the Ministry of health.

According to authorities, the number of patients at the moment is 16 025. In serious condition are 122 patients, 39 of them in need of mechanical ventilation. With 18 452 people have already recovered.

Israel submitted eight inventions that will change the world of tourism

The Israeli company has developed products and technologies that can help tourism industry to go back to the safe and efficient operation, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of the country.

Management of defence research and development of Ministry of defense of Israel is developing a technology that during the minutes show, whether the person infected with coronavirus. It will be possible to identify carriers at the airport prior to landing. Those who test positive will not be allowed on Board.

German scientists have discovered 28 coronavirus neutralizing antibodies

A group of scientists from the University clinic of Cologne and German research centre for infections (DZIF) were able to identify 28 having a high potential to neutralize coronavirus antibodies, according to a press release on the website of DZIF.

"Our goal was to better understand the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and to identify high potential antibodies that can be used as drugs for passive immunization or for treatment COVID-19", - said the head of the project, the Director of the Institute of Virology at the University hospital of Cologne, Florian Klein. Neutralizing antibodies bind to the protein of the pathogen and prevent the penetration of the virus in healthy cells.

The foreign Ministry warned Israel against annexation of the Palestinian territories

Trying to spread Israeli sovereignty on the West Bank of the Jordan river not only put an end to the prospect of a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem, but also provoke new and dangerous round of violence in the region, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the briefing.

"We believe that trying to spread Israeli sovereignty in the Palestinian territory not only put an end to the prospect of a two-state solution, but is likely to provoke new and dangerous round of violence in the region, will further heat up the radical mood of protest," - said Zakharov.

Media reported about the arrest of two Israelis on the protests in Serbia

The Agency of information and security (CIA, counterintelligence Serbia) detained two citizens of Israel who participated in the violent protests, reported the newspaper "evening news" with reference to the source.

"Operatives of BIA detained yesterday the citizens of Israel 21-year-old Roman Levin and Arthur Furman, who participated in the riots in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia, during which hooligans attacked police with stones, fireworks and bottles," - said the publication.

The chief of staff of the army of Israel placed in quarantine

The chief of staff of the IDF, Aviv Kohavi quarantined after contact with the officer who caught COVID-19, the press service of the Israeli army.

"The chief of staff a week ago I was contacted by an IDF officer who received a positive result today at COVID-19. In light of this, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of health, chief of staff and other officers will be quarantined. The chief of staff will be isolated and work in accordance with the normal schedule to the extent possible", - stated in the message a press-services of the army, published on the official Twitter page.

The analyst praised the relations between Israel and Lebanon

Statements from tel Aviv about the intention to start drilling on the deposits in the disputed Maritime area Lebanon have limited the provocative impact, a new Lebanese-Israeli war is unlikely in the foreseeable future for several reasons, told RIA Novosti the Lebanese political analyst and writer Wasim buzzy.

Earlier, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun said that Israel's decision to start producing oil offshore in the disputed Lebanese territories will lead to escalation of tension. Special attention was paid to Aung pool is Block-9, test drilling on the Lebanese side plans to begin in the coming months.

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