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In Tunisia prevented the terrorist attacks on tourist sites

The Tunisian interior Ministry prevented a planned terrorist attack on tourist and government facilities of the country, it is told in received RIA Novosti on Thursday a statement.

The detention is in one of the provinces in the North-East of the country, the name of the detainee is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, said the interior Ministry. Together with the organizer of the planned attacks arrested his accomplices, loyal to the terrorist group "Islamic state"* the statement reads.

In Italy arrested an alleged supporter of ISIS*

Milan carabinieri arrested a convert to Islam and Italians on charges of religious propaganda for criminal purposes.

Anti-terrorist investigators of the office of the carabinieri thought 38-year-old man presenting a danger, because his circle of friends "at both the national and international levels consisted of a network of people engaged in a systematic propaganda in favor of "Islamic state"* through posts and comments in social networks".

Democrats have proposed a ban on the US to take control of oil in Iraq and Syria

Democrats in the U.S. house of representatives proposes to prohibit the expenditure of funds in the defense budget in 2021 fiscal year to establish American military control over oil facilities in Syria and Iraq, follows from the draft document, published Wednesday on the website of the Committee on appropriations.

In addition, the funds do not aim for the construction of facilities for permanent deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Media: three policemen killed in bomb blast in Afghanistan

The head of the local police and two law enforcement officers died in Afghanistan as a result of the car bomb by a suicide bomber, reports the TV station 1TV News, citing local authorities.

The representative of the Governor of Nangarhar province Ottawa Khogiani reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday morning at the local market. The explosion also injured five others, local police.

Iraqi Prime Minister promised to punish those responsible for the murder of an expert in Baghdad

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kazemi has promised to punish those responsible for the murder of an expert on security and counter-terrorism Hisham al-Hashimi, who was shot Monday night in Baghdad is unknown, the Agency INA.

As reported earlier, sources in the security agencies of Iraq, a group of armed men on two motorcycles shot and killed al-Hashimi near his home in the East of the capital, he died in the hospital, where he was taken after the attack. He was 47 years old.

IG* is trying to be reborn in Iraq and Syria, said the UN Secretary-General

Islamic state* is continuing its efforts for the revival on the territory of Syria and Iraq, said the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, speaking at the high-level conference of the UN under the name "Week of fight against terrorism".

According to him, it is too early to talk about the comprehensive assessment of the impact of the pandemic coronavirus at the situation with terrorism, but in terms of pandemic LIH* al-Qaeda*, their regional branches as well as neo-Nazis, supporters of white supremacist and other groups seek to exploit disputes, local conflicts, failures in governance and the people's discontent to achieve their goals.

In Syria during the day, returned more than 30 refugees

More than 30 refugees returned to Syria from Lebanon over the past day, it follows from the information Bulletin of the centre for reception, distribution and placement of refugees, published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

"For the past day in the Syrian Arab Republic from Lebanon through the checkpoints, "Cadet-Yabus" and "talkalakh" returned 34 refugees (women – 10 children – 17). From Jordan through the checkpoint "Nasib" conclusion of refugees was not carried out", - stated in the message.

Russia has recorded six violations of the ceasefire in Syria during the day

Russia in the Commission on violations of the cessation of hostilities in the Syrian province of Idlib during the day, recorded six violations, Turkey - three, according to the defense Ministry.

"The Russian part of the mission of the joint Russian-Turkish Commission on consideration of issues related to the violations of the cessation of hostilities, recorded six facts of opening fire in the provinces of Latakia – four, Aleppo - two. The Turkish part of the mission recorded three cases of opening fire in Latakia province", - stated in the message of Department in Facebook.

French jihadist sentenced to 30 years in prison

The Paris court of assize had sentenced a French jihadist Tyler Vilius involved in the execution of two people in Syria, to 30 years in prison, according to the newspaper Parisien.

The publication notes that the Vilius arrived in Syria in 2012 and quickly climbed the ladder of the group Islamic state" (IG)*. In 2013, he became the "Emir" of the camp of the Franco-Belgian militant group and after some time joined the security forces and the militants. In 2015, as the court ruled, he participated in the executions of two former soldiers of the opposition "Free Syrian army" (FSA).

The free end of Seattle. Between the Maidan and the "Islamic state"*

So the inevitable happened: undemocratic American police stormed the occupied radicals of downtown Seattle, Washington. "Organized a protest on Capitol hill" (CHOP) existed for a long time, almost a month (from June 8), but nothing lasts forever. It's time to figure out what it was and what happens now.

About "will" — the question is more than difficult. The first nation in the world happened, an event: the occupation anarchists (radicals, "Antifa", call it what you want) six blocks of the center of the 12th by value city in the country. While some (local) government for a long time did not want to do anything, in fact, standing on the side of the invaders, while others (Federal) had nothing to do with the locals. Or, on the contrary, the Republicans did not want to interfere with the Democrats (and Seattle is their) to show the country his face? And the Democrats, in turn, wanted to provoke the feds to violent military action without coordination with local? In General, losing votes in the November presidential election are both parties, the question is, who is more. And we, the outside world was left with mixed feelings to observe the internal collapse of a superpower.

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