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In Syria suckie returned more than 50 refugees from abroad

More than 50 refugees returned to Syria from Lebanon over the past day, it follows from the information Bulletin of the centre for reception, distribution and placement of refugees, published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

It added that engineering units of the Syrian armed forces for a day cleared 2.2 acres site in the towns of Duma (Damascus province), Jasim and al-Harrah (province of Deraa). 41 found and destroyed an explosive subject.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon has accused politicians in attempts to discredit the government

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab accused of a number of Lebanese politicians in an attempt to prevent international financial assistance for the country, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis, in order to show the incapacity of the government.

"The challenges facing our country increased, accumulate complexity, and the complicated political stability against the distortion of reality... But unfortunately, some went very far, preventing any aid to Lebanon, what are they doing...? We have reports about plans to prevent the government from within the framework, and we are under pressure from different directions under the pretext that we are incapable" - quoted premiere TV channel LBC.

Putin has no plans of international contacts in OPEC , said Sands

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin is not in the plans for international calls before the OPEC meeting .

As expected, the question of the parameters of the deal, OPEC in August will be decided this week. On 14 July a planned meeting of the technical Committee of experts of the OPEC (JTC), and on July 15 - Ministerial monitoring Committee (JMMC).

Iraq announced record number recovered from COVID-19 per day

The Iraqi Ministry of health reported a record high number of cases of recovery of patients with coronavirus in days since the epidemic began, while the number of confirmed cases of infection approached 80 thousand.

"The Ministry of health on Monday recorded the maximum number of cases of recovery since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus - 2274" - said in a statement in Facebook.

Iraq has asked Germany to help in the exclusion from the "blacklist" of the EU

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Iraq, Fuad Hussein asked his German colleague Heiko Maas to assist in the elimination of Iraq compiled from the EU list of countries with weak rules against money laundering and financing of terrorism, the statement said Iraqi foreign Ministry.

As noted in the statement, the foreign Ministers of Iraq and Germany held a telephone conversation, during which discussed a number of topics, including bilateral relations.

In Syria during the day, returned more than 40 refugees

More than 40 refugees have returned to Syria from Lebanon over the past day, as reported in the newsletter on the website of the defense Ministry.

"For the past day in the Syrian Arab Republic from Lebanon through the checkpoints, "Cadet-Yabus" and "talkalakh" returned 42 of the refugees (including women and 13 children – 22). From Jordan through the checkpoint "Nasib" conclusion of refugees was not carried out", - said in the text of the Bulletin.

Source: convoy supply US base came under attack in southern Iraq

The column with the supply, designed for the US military base came under attack in southern Iraq between the cities of Samawah and ad Diwaniyah, told RIA Novosti source in the Iraqi security service.

"Four trucks under armed attack in the Najma area between ad Diwaniyah and es-Samawah," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Three Iraqi militiamen were killed in an explosion in Diyala province

Explosive devices were detonated on the route of a group of security forces and militias in Iraq's Diyala province, three were killed and seven others were injured, according to officials of the Iraqi security services.

"Killed four soldiers and seven others were injured as a result of operation two explosive devices planted on the highway in Diyala," - said the press service.

The number of victims COVID-19 in Iraq exceeded three thousand

The Iraqi Ministry of health announced the death of 95 people with the coronavirus in the past day, the number of deaths in the country reached 3055.

"For the last days it was revealed 2734 case of infection in Iraq, 95 deaths and 1699 cases of recovery... the Total number of infections has reached 75 194 cases of recovery - 43 079, died 3055 people," - says the statement of the Ministry of health.

Iraqi security forces will be able to shoot criminals on the border with Iran

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kazemi on Saturday authorized the security service of the country to shoot to kill criminals at the checkpoint "Mandali" on the border with Iran.

"Customs control will be under the protection of the security forces, and they have the authority to shoot to kill criminals," said al-Kazemi to journalists during his stay on the border crossing "Mandali".

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